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    catrix555 reacted to Spesh in ban ban ban   
    because you got reported. Botting is always a risk. I was notified by a gm and thankfully i was at the pc. I talked to him the whole time and i was botting and he said he was just making sure cause he had reports of me botting. Still botting and currently level 61 and 45. You are gonna get lucky or not. If you leave it running afk and when someone whispers u or invites u to group and ur just wacking away and then several hours later still same spot wacking away....its 2019 people aren't stupid and know how to tell a bot. 
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    catrix555 reacted to Droidz in Searing Gorge Gate Bug   
    Is online for Vanilla (with others small fix in ogrimar and ...), for tbc and Wotlk you need to wait few weeks
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    catrix555 reacted to Droidz in Searing Gorge Gate Bug   
    I think I'll close the default tunnel (you can use it again with an offmeshconnection)
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    catrix555 reacted to CocoChanel in Sunwell - Nightbane Discussion   
    I have used the bot very little on this server, but I can say that the people who work here are absolutely retarded. The GM's have no clue what the fuck is going on. This is another cash grab server that lies about population. I'm also pretty sure the server is selling gold back door, as I have spoken to some admins on other private servers that have shown me screenshots of conversations. 
    Don't bother wasting your time here. Its the biggest pile of shit since playtbc, and on day 1 of the server being up, I was able to make 600+ Gold on a character under level 25 and sell all of it without being banned.
    The only good thing about this server is that it doesn't have Alexensual.
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