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  1. Do someone botting on frostmourne/icecrown nowdays? Seems there are some kind of detection again.
  2. Hello, Droidz! Path finder crashes very often yesterday and today. 18 окт 2020 22H46 - VRfnQIG.log.html Please, check this issue. WoTLK expansion
  3. Sorry, can't find how to send profiles via pm. I will attach files here. There are no pickup and turnin steps because it's a testing profiles, but it works if you take quest yourself
  4. Hello! I've working on quests on Wintergrasp and have one problem. Bot doesn't start do quests second time. First time when I've picked up - all works fine but after that bot doesn't do anything, just stay. I've use option "Repeatable quest" but as I see it doesn't work at all. Do you know any solution? would be glad if you know how to fix that. Thank you for your time and answers
  5. How is botting on frostmourne/icecrown now? As I see there are bot detection again 😞
  6. It mostly happens when someone gather your herb, or grind your mob i think. I have same problem
  7. ( robotManager.Helpful.Var.SetVar("dbgOutput", VALUE_HERE); ) dbgOutput = Execute time: 1 Now
  8. Sorry for late response. Hope It's still avaliable. I've made what you asked and: Cannot run C# code: Compilator Error : e:\WRobot\Data\temp\am41c1gz.0.cs(22,12) : error CS0029: ( robotManager.Helpful.Var.SetVar("dbgOutput", VALUE_HERE); ) dbgOutput = Execute time: 1660 =[
  9. Hey! Have a problem with quest Abduction on WotLK Bot have to use item on weakened NPC and bring him to quest giver. I've done with cathing npc, but bot continue taming npcs because quest hasn't have complete condition "Catch the npc" So my question is: How can i force bot go to quest giver after cathing npc? Sorry if wrote smth incorrect, Hope you can undesrand my exploration Thanks!
  10. Even i disable "Save general settings modified by the profiles" ?
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