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  1. Can add the Alipay for pay I cant pay for it in China now . After PayPal is removed.
  2. Sometimes the robot close the game client The old version did not have this problem I use the win10 system
  3. Recharge for 30 days, only 28 days?
  4. all accounts banned at the sametimes !bad luck?
  5. what do you the bot do ? I used the bot farming herb and ore , Maybe because of the old Profiles .Maybe it's because of farming too long.The system will mark these .
  6. banned at the sametime ,I use a different IP for each account.The GM seems to be able to detect the bot.
  7. can you make a Plugin for smelt
  8. I have full bag ore how to use the bot to smelt all ore in my bags
  9. me too logo is :pathfinder server seem down try to change server
  10. for 3.35a smelt still not work.
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