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On 1/12/2021 at 1:51 AM, c8014752 said:

what do you the bot do ? I used the bot farming herb and ore , Maybe because of the old Profiles .Maybe it's because of farming too long.The system will mark these .

Hello, I think warmane has some detection system. My accounts banned too. All was ok till October for me, and after that everytime when I try to bot on wRobot - All my accounts got ban. I use my custom quester profiles, it didn't help 😞

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10 hours ago, Weiveismart said:

It's not report on mywowgold 15 lvl man.

they are joking. They want you to buy their paid profiles that's why they tell you that wrobot isn't detected and hope you will pay for subscribe and e.t.c. as for me of course.
I'm botting on warmane since 2018 and have seen when it's detectable or not

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