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  1. Hey, purchase this about 24 hours ago and Selly didn't email me a link. I have an email from paypal saying it went through, however.
    So far so good. A few hiccups that are to be expected with any questing profile. Thanks!
  2. First off, just wanted to say thanks for the amazing profile. I have this + all the plugins you suggest and it's fantastic. I'm experiencing one issue, however, that i know is user error and was hoping for some guidance. My character just doesn't seem to want to use flight paths or discover new ones. At level 30 I've often found him running all the way through multiple zones when he could have easily taken the griffon. I've tried a fresh wrobot, etc, and followed your instructions. Anything I should make sure is enabled/disabled? I've tried turning wrobot taxi options on/off, etc.
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