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  1. Yeah, wrobot movement is so stupid, wish we had keyboard movement someday
  2. Got ban on lvl 18 with questing only, like literally only questing : )
  3. Hey, is there a way to disable/enable plugins in quest step? wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.DisposeAllPlugins(); wManager.Events.PluginEvents.OnLoadPlugin += delegate(string pluginfile, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { if (pluginfile == "HumanMasterPlugin.dll") { cancelable.Cancel = true; } }; wManager.Plugin.PluginsManager.LoadAllPlugins(); - Doesnt work
  4. What do you mean by " Growing community" Wrobot has no alternatives, and it's here for few years already, nothing to advertise, everyone who wanted to bot is already here. With easy free stuff you will just make botting harder cause of gm awarness. More bots - less bots ( cause of more bans from gms ). Botting was that easy with hb in 2013, i had to maintance 120 accounts on EU to get some profit. Thanks to free stuff from azyul. Findeh is right, Just check video on youtube with HB bots on Battleground, it has 529 thousand views, ofcourse gms cant ignore that.
  5. To be honest wrobot is not that bad, i have no problems with trams if i dont use them in my profiles, my toons are not chaindying cause i have good profiles, my quester works 99% afk with 300 quests (99% only cause i dont have time to fix it, all fixable), I facing more often Vendor problems, cause NPC Database is literally shit, running each char with separate bot folder? is it really the only way? The second problem is Hb had option to force bot make vendor run, Wrobot has the same but it works not always, sometimes he's interacting with vendor, in log "To Town", and nothing happens, eternal loop of nothing, he can stay here forever. The rest bugs are minor, can deal with them
  6. @Ordush The bad thing in supporting bad devs is in my example. I wanted purchase some good hunter fightclass, i seen only your on the forum, But i purchased few fightclasses from other devs back in days, and was really disapointed with quality and was afraid to invest more in other fightclasses, (in your hunter), But When i purchased your warrior prot for tests, it actually works as in description, i was surprised that something paid works as in description, isnt it funny? For now before any other purchases i will think twice, cause droidz really support devs that have wrong description
  7. I never seen HB running to a wrong vendor, meanwhile i should manually clear database in wrobot, so yeah, there are many problems with bot. Same with vendoring, and npc interactions (inkeepers or any with gossip options)
  8. Happens when bot flies from A to B point, i think i got ban on Icecrown cause of reports with this bug, bot flying in circles on the water
  9. Hey, bots spamms Checking Reset instance in loop, but i'm already in dungeon with full group, dungeon is resetted, all ready but he skipps all move to pack/teamup/grind til the end of profile. Can you explain what should trigger fully reset profile, so he gonna think that it's time to start grind first pack etc. /reload each time or?
  10. It's really faster to make your own profile for your needs, instead of waiting developers to do something for you, moreover you probably not gonna leveling all wow classes just for fun, i'm leveling mostly paladins/druids/shamans/rogues/warrios, and made different profiles for each class, had no problems with warriors on atlantiss, 4 days til lvl 40 without any help fully afk, doubt any of paid profiles here can do the same. @Findeh Actually never seen that stupid bot behaviours ingame, only in 2016 maybe. The main reason why there are no Good paid profiles on the forum, cause only good real botters understand what they can meet midleveling, so even if they do good quester, they 99% not gonna share it, or even sell, cause as said Findeh, 2.5 buyers will make only competition and low profit, worth only bot with it for yourself. I'm pretty satisfied with not ideal wrobot, cause with easy bot there gonna be more noobs and price for gold or accs will be much less. P.S , with hb documentation i made 1-90 fully afk quest leveling in RAF mode, (x3 exp award for quests/mobs) With wrobot i dont even know where to google some things.
  11. Still detected, even with no memory Updating, You dont even need to press start button, got ban right after bot attach
  12. Paid profiles are for normies with 1-2 bots. Wish wrobot had the same documantation as HB had ; )
  13. @Droidz Hey, my Healer is fighting with enemies, i chose an option in Fightclass "For friends" And after he choses party member, he instantly swiches target to enemy, and heal himself instead of tank. Tried: <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked = true; " /> But it ignores all combat and skip everything, How to force healer not fight with mobs, and just heal party members? Using Quster, not party mode
  14. Well. i dont see any Party healer routines on the forum, even paid, I purchased your Prot warrior, and noticed i cant find any healer routine rofl, do you sell any?
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