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  1. My bot is not pressing macros when he's dead, is there an option? I need macro: /script acceptRessurect()
  2. Well. i made a full followpath from Thunderbluff > Camp Taurajo - Crossroads - razorhill - orgrimmar in a single pulse, but for some reason bot refuses to follow it, He makes his own path GATHERING ALL BLACKSPOTS on his way haha, wtf? P.S i made around ~40 different followpaths for my other profiles and needs, all settings are the same, Not required in quest log, start from first position True or False, all the same
  3. and dont forget to make your followpath with that name then ; ) PATHTeldrassilTeldrassilPortal
  4. Works! Ty. WAITING FOR BFA PRIVATE SERVER 8.0.1 FIRESTORM (5k online peak) and another huge server will launch bfa soon. plsss ; )
  5. https://gyazo.com/7185bb0c1a22e239b716c7ad25c6656c same error
  6. [D] 10:42:27 - [Info] Log file created: 16 апр 2019 10H42.log.html[D] 10:42:27 - [Info] WRobot Version: 2.3.3 (23130) for wow: 5.4.8_18414[D] 10:42:27 - [Info] Offical website: https://wrobot.eu/[D] 10:42:27 - [Info] Operating System Details: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1[D] 10:42:27 - [Info] Lang: Русский (Россия) Another 2 old versions gives that error: https://gyazo.com/7185bb0c1a22e239b716c7ad25c6656c
  7. Tried with another bot, it works, and tried 3 different source of 5.4.8 mop
  8. Trying to start bot on Mop server, versions in Bot and Ingame are correct, (18414) Cant attach bot
  9. I need more, can you make them all 20 to work on legion too? Dont know how it works. if you will do them legion 20x, i cant use other versions then?
  10. They have different ID's i made them both in my questing profile, so where's problem?
  11. Hello. i have a problem botting paladins, they refuse to repair items if only one item is broken for example, if it happens to his Weapon, it cause some problems, paladin is still strong enough to kill enemies with magic, and he cant get less durability cause he's not dying, but ofc grind is way to slow with that, Is it really true that wrobot Force repair run only after total durability check of all items?
  12. Is there a command to force bot to GoToTown as button in developer tools? Cant find it on forum. I need this kind of string: <CustomBehavior File="ForceSetVendor" DoSell="true" DoRepair="true" DoMail="true" /> If there's no that option, can someone link a code for vendor run, with merchantFrame is Visible, cause once i'v instead of selling items equipped grays, ty
  13. Really doubt that gm's will check chars before lvl 10, ofcouse they should fight goldspammers. but getting ban on lvl6, rofl. It's around 40mins played : D. Dont even know if this server worth botting. population is already low
  14. FIXED ----Cant launch Wrobot 3.3.5 @Droidz
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