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  1. Hello, is there any code for Custom behaviour for bot, if player is nearby? Additional thing is: Ignore list of players, as "pause bot if player is nearby" inside wrobot,
  2. Hello, Is there a option to loot only corpses in "X" radius ? Grinding in group and each char in my group runs to loot the corpse, when nearest bot can do it, so need to lower loot radius for that
  3. Hello, playing on custom server, even if i write Food name, bot uses it each second in regeneration state, so consumesa round 10 per regeneration state, is there a way to do something, or Force use Item id if i have no Food buff and wait until i'm full hp
  4. It makes no sense, running 20 accounts with 10 different profiles, quester, no problems at all
  5. Hello, bot is trying to TurnIn Quest, but isntead of TurnIn specific quest, bot always clicking on all quests in list before he find correct one, is there a way to TurnIn your quest without any delays etc?
  6. Didnt get your problem tbh, running multiple accounts with different profiles
  7. Hey, i'm trying to grind only 2 mobs on custom private server, but bot after killing them just stand still for 5minutes, waiting for nothing, respawn rate is super high, around 30-60seconds, is there any hidden blacklist option to not attack same GUID mob? Help Using Quester, with Grind inside, all i need is: Stand still on one spot, and attack 2 mobs in 30 yards from me
  8. Hey Jensen, leave some note here pls where product is done, gonna buy it, Want to try it on Dragonblight
  9. Hey, Looking for multipull pluigin that match those requirements: Pull "X" mobs in "X" radius and then Stop pulling additional if any of pulled mob dies, cause my toon runs away from the corpse pulling more and more ( Loot disapears ) Example: Pull 5 mobs in 30 radius, stop pulling any other mobs if you pulled already enough or there are no mobs in radius, Aoe them and then pull another pack Currently have MultiPullv2, and it's not working that way, good for exp grind, but not for gold farming
  10. https://gyazo.com/ada4f7d65934147c08b23022827c30e1 It's already started, but relogger dont recognize it, the bad thing that i used to bot with the same settings, same relogger, without any changes or folder 1 day ago, From time to time getting that error Same happens on Legion private servers too
  11. Botting legion. each day getting error. Launch wow 32bit version? Stop/star in relogger doenst help. Only Close whole relogger and lauch it again helps. The same with Mists of Pandaria. -After launch i see that version is correct and it's x86. On another private server relogger dont Type Login and pass at all, waiting forever ( 7.3.5 ) [D] 01:47:38.455 - Profile 1 dev 10, running task for 90000 minutes. [D] 01:47:38.960 - Profile 1 dev 10: Launch Wow. [D] 01:47:41.808 - Profile 1 dev 10: Launch WRobot. Wrobot is launched, Wow is launched, nothing happens. In relogger - wait after launch 2 / Is Unresponsive 25
  12. If only you could make an option to send logs so no one can download it except you, cause i dont want to show ppl where i'm farming gold and leveling Will try your advices. ty
  13. So i have a problem. on the screen you can see how bot is trying to force bot to GoToTown, for some reason he's not forcing it each loop, and he's not selling it, why? After Stop Start he sold all items. https://gyazo.com/4b14c590284576cf4c31405ec7b60500 Free bag slots (0) Selling : True
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