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Vendoring isnt working as it should be.

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@Droidz Hi, trying to setup fully afk leveling, but always have problems with vendoring, sometimes my bots refuse to buy food/water, i use HMP, but still, Is there any way to literally tell him to Go and buy water if your water is <10, 
for now i try to use only my own vendor db, but it's always act like a retard, 
i use :  <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true;" />
How to load my own vendors from profile after i erase them?
<QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.ListNpc.RemoveAll(npc =&gt; true);&#xD;&#xA;" /

Without any plugins,
I have my own vendor/repair added in db,
I see them in Db if i open that tab
I use useOnly profile npc
I have my own string with <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FoodName = &quot;Roasted Quail&quot;;&#xD;&#xA;" />
Food Amount is 60

Bot is grinding and refusing to buy food, why? Will give you log file if you need. But vendoring is always a mess with wrobot


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This is what i use for my upcoming profile, i added its own Npc database and each file clears the database.

var npcVendor = new wManager.Wow.Class.Npc
							ContinentId = (wManager.Wow.Enums.ContinentId)Usefuls.ContinentId,
							Entry = 1234,
							Faction = wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.FactionType.Neutral,
							Name = "Npc name",
							Position = new Vector3(1, 2, 3),
							CanFlyTo = true,
							Type = wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.NpcType.Repair, // wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.NpcType.Vendor
							NpcDB.AddNpc(npcVendor, false);


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