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  • Relogger Schedule by Pc Time

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    Hey @Droidz Is there any way you can Add schedule for Relogger, not run/wait specific amount of time, but Run only if Time is for example : 10:00 - 18:00, i found another topic where guy asked the same, but you didnt respond for his second post.
    Relogger quickstart with windows setup schedule may work, but when you wanna add 4 groups by 6 hours a day in sequence with 1 relogger it wont work that way. or maybe it's hard to setup.
    Back in days i used something like Run 360 , wait 1080 and second group where Wait 360 / run 360 / wait another missing part from waiting before, but when you add new account, everytihng is fked that way, and if you wanna fullfill whole pc with 10 accounts, you need to be sure that all other wows that are not in correct time group should be offed.

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    The only question is, is it possible somehow to Run one account with 2 intervals or more, like 00:00 - 04:00, then 2hours break, then 06:00 - 10:00 and another 2 hour break

    Something like:
    From: 00:00:00 ; 06:00:00
    To     : 04:00:00 ; 10:00:00
    If no, i will just clone relogger profile and set other schedule time

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