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  1. Your profile claims bot will pickup the fly paths along the way to EPL, but that doesn't happen, bot ignores fly masters and does not get fly paths.
  2. Bot breaks at lvl 54, says will do Ungoro quests and starts heading that way, but randomly during the way to ungoro fly path, the bot changes its mind and starts heading to EPL. Stop/start the bot and cycle repeats.
  3. @Matenia I've disabled HMP combat loot, and now I see this in the logs after 3 failed loot attempts: [D] 12:02:32 - [Looting] Cannot loot the target (Mob XYZ), ignore it. So it appears Wrobot already has logic to prevent this issue, but HMP was breaking it like you said.
  4. It's egregiously dumb that Wrobot tries to loot the same mob 200 times, no matter how you look at it. If you can resolve this with a plugin, it should be incorporated into the vanilla bot per default... I just can't fathom that I'm the first person ever to bring this issue to light? Yes I've read your message., but I'm not very handy with coding for Wrobot, nor do I have a dev environment setup atm... is this plugin something you can create for me? You said a few lines of code should suffice...
  5. I mean, isn't it obvious that if I try to loot the same mob 30 times and it doesn't work, it probably won't work the 31st time?
  6. It's not a quest item like the chicken quest egg, these are mobs in a particular zone that does not have a chicken quest. The server is just buggy, it clearly does not work as it should... but because of something so silly, wrobot breaks.
  7. So I'm using Wrobot on this buggy AF server and some mobs show they have loot, but when the bot clicks to loot, there's nothing in the loot window. The result is, Wrobot stays there clicking non-stop for 5 minutes on the same corpse, until the corpse finally despawns and Wrobot moves on to the next mob (rinse and repeat). Obviously I will be banned with this behavior, people can tell I'm a bot from miles away. Is there a way to prevent Wrobot from trying to loot same corpse more than 2 times? 1. Try to loot: fail 2. Try to loot: fail 3. Blacklist corpse and move on 4. Remove from blacklist after 5 minutes @Droidz @Matenia @Andoido @Ordush for feedback
  8. Now posting on the right forums - my hunter does not resume attacks after feign-death. Basically, it starts a fight by attacking normally, but after it uses Feign Death, it'll just get up and do nothing other than heal pet, and let the pet finish the mob off. Is this expected? Losing a lot of time because of this and looks very AFKish
  9. @Ordush great class, I just purchased and I'm already impressed. I'm having issues with bot not being able to feed pet. It gets stuck on a cycle trying to use the feed ability, but never does. What is the "Pet Food" field for on the ingame config? Bot ignores the food I'm setting on this field Every time I login, the food is changed to Clefthoof Ribs by the bot, even though I'm not nearly Outlands level
  10. Arathi grind 30-33, it's a really bad idea to grind around the horde base... I keep getting killed nonstop by horde:
  11. @Matenia Suggestion to make "Run away from combat" better, especially for healing classes such as Paladin, and to cut wasting time running away from fights the dude could easily win: if ((health <= X%) && (mana <= X%) && (targetHealth >= 20%)) { runAwayLittleGirl(); } else { stayAndFightLikeAMan(); } Why? Sometimes what happens is my dude runs away while having a lot of health, some other times he runs away while having a lot of mana. This is inneficient, as if I have health then I could stay and fight more, same thing for mana: if I have mana, I could heal self and stay to fight more. This is especially true if (targerHealth <= Y%) as all the mob needs is a couple more hits to die.
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