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  1. true i usually run my own profiles away from the other creators after 30 because the levels take while to grind and their in zones with mad problems like lifts / trams and vendor issues going into high lvl zones.
  2. if running into mobs and chain dieing is a problem in rogue fc turn on always range pull and set ammunition buy 1-2 stacks and hell pull them so u dont get zerged by 3+ mobs or groups
  3. Post an overwolf recording of stream of your toon in game can mask name but i just want to see cause your settings or lack of good fight class / plugins or settings is obvious
  4. I wish this guy was trollin but he's prolly 20's and wants that insta gratification lol =p.
  5. Using Maternia Shaman nilla fc and when runs to vendors / quest npc / turn in etc it wont leave ghost form to interact so sits their idle leaving Ghost wolf useless to set as mount, just wondering if their is a fix to this? i tried Cancelaura plugin but didn't work.
  6. HMP if u search bar is a plugin that goes to the vendor and buys food in all zones. Only other option is u buy mad stacks of food and type the food name in the food eat % box and ur toon will eat when u get blow that % so he doesn't go into battle at 35% like its set too. with newbie lowbie rogue set it to like 65% hp or even 70 to baby it.
  7. I would recommend Humanizing plugin from Maternia will save u a big headache especially if you are new user to wrobot. since hmp has a flee option u can set if u get low hp or mana it will run out of combat along with a huge list of options.
  8. in general options set Food % at 60 - 80% and will always eat or if u can heal click spell box and add spell name and will heal when ur at that % set.
  9. K3 is ancient do the GM's even monitor it these days?.
  10. Thats retail talking 1.12 silver hand server here.
  11. Dont think u can monitor achievements as a gm for vanilla wow
  12. lul ya its weird u can think that and it does work full reformat to avoid hwid bans but then baffles u when u got one in the 40's and run thru about 30 other bans. but one account keeps truckin like what the f#$k ?? if this 40ish gets banned i'm reformat and new connections lines.
  13. Most my bots get banned around level 12 and most never make it past level 25 running Quester 1-60 nilla or grinders 1-60 both ban city. They'll ban them at all hours of the day not all at once. Usually 5-9pm Euro Time.
  14. Nope still ban city. He's lost 8 i've lost about 32 accounts from level 10-25.. Only got one to 30 somehow and im just gonna level it by hand now since they are detecting it.
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