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  1. I kinda started the Wrobot Fight class / Grinder profile store here when i asked Jisabi to create me mage / warlock fight class and started a demand for them years ago. You can try wrobot as is but if u don't have time or don't want to learn to code a quick buy was worth it especially before jerk job GM's on servers started really regulating and cracking down on bot detection / areas of known botters favorite hot spots. Best bet is to make your own now or pay bambo to customize your library of self made grinder locations to put it all into a 1-60 run. HMP was kinda a must for a long time though unless u want to have to babysit the bot.
  2. Does your NPC Database have the mailbox added in the zone?. You can run to a mailbox in your grinder path and add it manually.
  3. OPs problem is that he's using Mage / Rogue for Grinders that are meant for Warlock / Huntard / SHaman / Paladin ezmode classes. If your going to run Mage which blows till ice barrier or rogue / warriors your gonna need to make a new grinder that grinds mobs preferably 2 levels below you and aren't stacked caster / ranged mobs but preferably beasts / pigs. I suggested to bambo awhile ago that would be best if he made a grinder that recognizes u are loading a shit class like the ones mentioned and it would run a grinder for ezmode and not mobs same level or 1-2 above ur own level because u'll just chain die.
  4. true i usually run my own profiles away from the other creators after 30 because the levels take while to grind and their in zones with mad problems like lifts / trams and vendor issues going into high lvl zones.
  5. if running into mobs and chain dieing is a problem in rogue fc turn on always range pull and set ammunition buy 1-2 stacks and hell pull them so u dont get zerged by 3+ mobs or groups
  6. Post an overwolf recording of stream of your toon in game can mask name but i just want to see cause your settings or lack of good fight class / plugins or settings is obvious
  7. I wish this guy was trollin but he's prolly 20's and wants that insta gratification lol =p.
  8. Using Maternia Shaman nilla fc and when runs to vendors / quest npc / turn in etc it wont leave ghost form to interact so sits their idle leaving Ghost wolf useless to set as mount, just wondering if their is a fix to this? i tried Cancelaura plugin but didn't work.
  9. HMP if u search bar is a plugin that goes to the vendor and buys food in all zones. Only other option is u buy mad stacks of food and type the food name in the food eat % box and ur toon will eat when u get blow that % so he doesn't go into battle at 35% like its set too. with newbie lowbie rogue set it to like 65% hp or even 70 to baby it.
  10. I would recommend Humanizing plugin from Maternia will save u a big headache especially if you are new user to wrobot. since hmp has a flee option u can set if u get low hp or mana it will run out of combat along with a huge list of options.
  11. in general options set Food % at 60 - 80% and will always eat or if u can heal click spell box and add spell name and will heal when ur at that % set.
  12. K3 is ancient do the GM's even monitor it these days?.
  13. Thats retail talking 1.12 silver hand server here.
  14. Dont think u can monitor achievements as a gm for vanilla wow
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