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  1. I do like that class, thank you smokie! I shall do it!
  2. I have the bambo horde 1-60 quester The human plug in some other stuff Somebody pick a class for me because I'm having trouble choosing! 😄
  3. I really hope not lol
  4. Having a lot of luck botting on kronos3 so far using bambo's grinder for horde...32 druid We shall see how it goes!
  5. Is there a way to make my mage drink more than once so it's at full mana? Only will drink once and then just sits until its done with regen...
  6. I was banned on silverhand on lights hope, so everyone be careful today! Was using a grinding bot, not that that really matters or anything just be careful today. Good luck botting!!!!
    I absolutely love this product, took me awhile to figure it out but it was pretty easy for the most part. Love the products!
  7. how well does this work for vanilla?
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