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  1. In Widecap program?? Yes I did set it to SOCKS5. Also I have very high ping like 1200 ms when using Widecap and when using proxycap I didnt have this problem so this program suck that is my conclusion
  2. does anyone have cracked version of proxycap?? I ran out of 30 day trial and tried proxifier not working for me.. widecap is wierd because one of wows connects and second is stuck at connecting forever... Tried also freecap also not working.. Im using nordvpn socks5 which worked fine for proxycap
  3. its made for TBC so there is only one thing why is this happening, there is no meat vendor in Desolace so bots doesnt buy meats there, bots never buys fish in Desolace, there is only one meat that is in Desolace and that is "Mystery Meat" it drops from birds and it feeds the pet with it. Ive tried looking for any other food that can be used for boars since everybody uses boar but I couldnt cfind any. If fc is not feeding your pet that means you are missing one of the TBC meat/fish foods!
  4. disabling smooth pathing did fix the problem!
  5. Tested with one character for now and disabling Smooth Path fixed it. Testing with 6 other characters with Smooth Path disabled, will report back
  6. Hello, Both elevators are not working at all! Checked on 10 bots, all characters got stuck at the exact place. But runs up the ramp and then misses the elevator and jumps down and runs in circle there and repeats whole action. When I manually move my char before the ramp then it runs fine. Elevators are not working! Its not quester profile, Im using Andoido and he said on Discord he doesnt code elevators himself. Please fix that this already banned few of my chars!
  7. I have added truffle and wolf meat. If you find any other food names I should add tell me here also tell me which pet eats Cheese because I ahvent added Brie and Dwarven Mild
  8. Yea I didnt have those names in the list ill add them, so dl version 1.2.2. Also the boar doesnt eat Stormwind Brie its Cheese right>?
  9. I added new version check it out the range issue should be fixed.. You might be missing the food then, it checks whether you have the type of food your pet eats and that you have it in bags and then feeds him with it I added 90% of foods there are in the game all by name, whats the name of the food he doesnt feed him with?
  10. ill try to fix the bugs this weekend ie. today or tommorow, thanks for the feedback!
  11. Tell me what else you need and ill add it 🙂 Which types of food?
  12. Version 1.2.4


    Hey, No single free hunter fc wanted to work for me, especially the feeding part so I decided to make my own. Ill admit right away I used eeny hunter from vanilla and heavily modified it according to my needs. This will probably work only for TBC version of the game and wrobot due to using wow api tbc version. This profile will: Feeds your pet (Only if your pet eats Meat! ) Added Fish + Fruit + Bread in 1.1 version Use Aspect of the Cheetah if you are on the move! Revive it Wont spam revive until you at least have the pet Move backwards if target is too close Use rapid fire/arcane etc.
  13. Hey, All fc's I have tried for TBC are not feeding hunter pet.. I have to figure out how to do it myself but I honestly ran out of ideas. How to feed hunter pet without using macro? Macro is shtity for full afk because you constnatly have to change the food name. Is there any way to do it in c# script? Also this one is not working for me Lua.LuaDoString("if GetPetHappiness() < 3 then\r\n CastSpellByName(\"Feed Pet\")\r\n PickupContainerItem(0, 1)\r\nend "); Thread.Sleep(400);
  14. I have redownloaded all profiles still same thing.. it only happens with the quester. 1) yes but also tried without relogger 2) no same folder , but Im using horde faction only!
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