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  1. Yea I will add it for Dun Morogh in next version, so keep an eye on it. But it wont be probably for next week or so because im not at home
  2. Please download new version, I uploaded wrong one before this is the correct one.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Hello, Ive been using few quest profiles here and there and I noticed everyone of them was missing crucial thing for me.. which is training herbalism and skinning (and buying skinning knife and not selling it later..) So I decided to make a plugin which is doing following things: Currently works only for Humans 1) Go to SW at lvl 6 (or if ure higher up to lvl 10) and bind HS to SW 2) Train herbalism 3) Train skinning 4) Buy skinning knife and blacklist it so it never sells it 5) Set skinning and herbing "on" in wrobot settings 6) Check if you have 50 herb and if yes then train herbalism same goes for skinning Its doing these things in To Town state, which means whenever your bot meets certains conditions, it will do above things. It will always do this up to lvl 10 so there is no way for you to miss that, unless you dont have money in bags for which the plugin checks. How to use: Just load the plugin it will do its thing I hope it will be of use to somebody, it is to me so I decided to share it. I got tired of doing above things myself for 10's of my toons and none of popular questing profiles does that. Note: You need to have at least 1.2s in bags for bot to initiate the run! Tell me what you think about this in the comments and report any bugs please. Also looking for any ideas that I could make so tell me!
  4. wierd it started working lol, but the movement is very bottish, he moves from 1 waypoint to the next one and stops there for a second
  5. Hello, So i made a plugin that trains herb and skinning it works, but when my bot is for example in elwyn forest he wants to go to stormwind in straight line through the mountains.. he wants to use this code: wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(-8969.99f, 779.636f, 95.89193f), 5566, 1, false); So I tried code below, but its not working he keeps trying to go in straight line to sw.. help me out how do I use the pathfinder? var position = new Vector3(-8969.99f, 779.636f, 95.89193f); int npcEntryId = 6929; Logging.Write("bindloc: " + bindLocation); //while (bindLocation != "Stormwind") //Logging.Write(ObjectManager.Me.Position.ToString()); var lo = PathFinder.FindPath(ObjectManager.Me.Position, position); Logging.Write(lo.ToString()); foreach (Vector3 waypoint in lo) { Logging.Write(waypoint.ToString()); // Move to the given position MovementManager.Go(PathFinder.FindPath(waypoint), false); // Loop while (MovementManager.InMovement && Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause) { ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(waypoint) > 1.5 // Wait follow path Thread.Sleep(10); } }
  6. ok I figured out how to go to him and pick train, but what is the command to train? wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(-8969.99f, 779.636f, 95.89193f), 5566, 1, false); Now I just need the command "train" what is it?
  7. Hello, What is the c# code to interact with npc and for example choose train and train herbalism? Regards
  8. could you please post the version for TBC? it throws errors when I start this with TBC
  9. For them to read your HWID they would need to install anti cheat program on your PC, something like batleye, only this way they could read the HWID. Not even a blizz-like warden (back in the old days) could, now blizzard CAN read (for example through battle net) which is illegal btw but thats another story. There is absolutely no way ANY private server can read your HWID unless you install some shit. They can read IP only and I doubt if they even see your MAC address (99% likely not). Ip + what you do in game is the only trace that can chain ban accounts.
  10. Its NOT profile problem thats for sure, i have tried 5 different profiles and it happens with each. One thing I noticed: It turns the quest (that didnt want to turn earlier) after I relog the character, but shortly afterwards when he wants to turn another quest in (like in 2 minutes) it happens again.. My wow is clean install, has NO addons, no cache, no wtf folders etc. Please help me out
  11. Same thing on different char, changed ip, having 500ms and the bot doesnt turn in the quests... Wtf? does this bot even work??????????????????? I have only "WhatsGoingOn" plugin, wow set to Maximized, all graphics on low to improfe the performance of the bot...
  12. I have changed my ip on my vpn and the bot turned the quest in, really really wierd I will test it more and tell you if it worked. I have another question mate, how do I tell bot to equip items that he gets from quest rewards in questing?
  13. Can anyone help with this? I have tried everything reloging, restarting, uninstaling - instaling and he just wont accept quest rewards tried with 15 quests already wtf? also tried multiple profiels
  14. Using Eeny demo profile 1-12, and my bot doesnt accept quest reward. How do I fix this? Edit: Trying other profile... same thing wont accept quest rewards whats wrong???
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