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[Free] Wholesome Auto Quester 1.0.0

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About This File


Hi guys, The Wholesome team is proud to present the Wholesome Auto Quester (AQ) for Wrath of the Lich King.
Please read the description below before downloading.

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT provide public support for this product. Please don't contact us about it unless you're actively participating in its development.

The AQ is an experimental product for WRobot. It is not a profile. It is not a one-click leveler.
The AQ uses an Azeroth Core core WotLK database to extract quests and objectives available in your set level range. The information is compressed and embedded into the file, so no additional download is required. It then generates tasks with different priorities based on their nature and distance, making it automatically complete quests.
It only tries to complete objectives of the following types: Talk to / Kill / Kill & Loot / Gather / Interact / Explore. All other types of quests are automatically filtered out (escort / PvP / dungeons / item interactions etc..).

The AQ is open source and free to use.



Before starting with the AQ, make sure that:
- Your WoW client is in English.
- You don't use any WRobot plugin, other than the Wholesome ones.
- You don't use any WoW addons.
- You don't use it on an account you're not ready to lose. Due to the dynamic nature of this product, it might put itself in difficult situations.
- You keep an eye on it while it's running.
- Your WRobot folder is not in a Cloud sync folder, like Dropbox or OneDrive. These have been reported to lock files and cause issues with WRobot and the content of the Data folder.


How to install

Copy the .dll file into your Wrobot/Products folder. Next time you start WRobot, Wholesome_Auto_Quester should appear in your list of available products and be ready to use.



Log debug - Displays additional dev info in the log. Should be used by devs only.
Quests GUI - Will display a GUI window with a lot of info on the current state of the AQ.
Dev mode - Displays info on the client screen and generates a debug JSON file. Should be used by devs only.
Level delta minus - The minimum level of the quest range to do.
Level delta plus - The maximum level of the quest range to do.
The default value is delta minus 5 and delta plus 0, meaning, if you're level 12, the AQ will only try to do quests from level 7 (12 - 5) to level 12 (12 + 0). These two settings are very important to understand. They are updated every time you level up. You should set a lower range for weaker classes.
Record unreachables - The pathfinder can sometimes have trouble finding its way to a NPC or an object. When it happens, you can choose to have them recorded internally and make sure the AQ doesn't try to reach them again.
Grind only - Ignore quests and use the auto grinder only.
Continent travels - Will travel through continents. We highly recommend you leave that setting enabled.
Abandon unfit quests - Will automatically abandon unfit quests (out of level range or undoable by the AQ). You should leave it enabled, or your quest log will end up being full.
Blacklist danger zones - Will try to detect zones with a high concentration of hostile NPCs and blacklist the area. These BL areas are reset at each level up until the zone is not a danger anymore.
Turbo loot - Replaces the default WRobot loot state with a custom, faster loot state. Please be aware that it can occasionally miss a few loots.
Stop at level - Will stop the AQ as soon as the set level is reached



- Picks up / completes / turn in quests from NPCs, game objects and items.
- Auto grinder
- Clears your path against hostile units
- Travels through continents (boats, zeppelins, tram...)
- Force Spirit Healer resurrection and uses hearthstone when it died too many times
- Blacklists dangerous zones and zones where you died
- Most elevators are implemented
- Extensive GUI
- Wholesome plugins compatibility
- Automatically extracts the db json file into your Data folder
- Automatically updates when a new version is released



I manually sent my character to Outlands before I reached level 60 and now the product doesn't work

This is intended. The product will only start questing in Outlands when your character is level 60. Don't bring your character to Outlands manually. Just let the AQ run in Azeroth, and it will automatically travel to Outlands as soon as it reaches level 60.

Can I use the AQ in the DK starting zone?

No, this zone is too specific and enclosed for the AQ to function.

Can I use the AQ on other WoW expansions?

No. It only works with WotLK.

Where can I get support for this product?

We do not offer public support for this product. Please do not contact us about it unless you're actively participating in its development.

Which classes are recommended with the AQ?

The AQ will try to complete difficult quests. We recommend that you choose a strong botting class who can easily deal with multiple enemies. The least recommended are Mage, Rogue and Warrior. If you use a weak class or a weak fight class, it will die a lot.

What server XP rate works best with the AQ?

The AQ can work with any server rate, although it seems to work best starting at 2x.
At 1x the AQ will travel a lot and occasionally run out of quests to do. The Auto grinder will take over to fill in the gap, but it will not be ideal.
With extreme rates like 50x, the AQ is not worth using.

Does the AQ work with non-English client?

No. It uses in-game strings for a lot of interactions. The AQ will not work at all if your client is not in English.

Which plugins work with the AQ?

We didn't test all the available plugins and can't guarantee their compatibility. We do recommend that you use the Wholesome plugins (vendors, flight masters and inventory) and only those. We made sure they are compatible with the AQ. Any other plugin can cause undesirable side-effects.
HMP has been reported to not work with the AQ, but it has not been tested by our team.

Which WoW addons work with the AQ?

We recommend that you don't use any WoW addons when botting. Avoid any potential interference.

Is the AQ better than a quester profile?

No. A well crafted quester profile will always be better.

The bot dies a lot, what can I do?

Set a lower level range. Make sure you use a strong fightclass. Blacklist problematic quests using the "ADD TO BL" button in the AQ GUI, or contact us to add them to the default blacklist. If a quest is hard but not impossible to do, we can also artificially inflate its level in the product so that it's done at a later level range.

What is the auto grinder?

If the AQ runs out of quests, or if you enable the setting "Grind only", AQ will search for hostile NPCs of type Beast in your level range to grind. It is not guaranteed to take you to a safe zone.

Does it work in Northrend?

Northrend is problematic with the AQ. A lot of quests cannot be completed and later level quests are out of reach (northern part). We recommend you switch to auto grind or a quester after level 75.

The log is saying "Server has not sent our quests yet". What does it mean?

The AQ needs to know which quests you already have completed, and the only way to do it is to request the server you play on to send that list. The response is throttled on most servers, meaning it can take a few minutes for the AQ to receive the answer.
At level 1, it won't be a problem. On higher level, if it's the first time you use the AQ, the bot might try to pickup quests you already have completed for a few minutes. Once the message is gone, the AQ list is synchronized with the server and the message will never appear again.

Where can I find the source code?



Project Wholesome – A quick word


The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel.

Project Wholesome Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6

Wholesome team Club: https://wrobot.eu/clubs/9-wholesome-team/



This product is free to use and share, although I have set up a Paypal donation link in case you are happy with my work and want to encourage me with a donation.




Special thanks

Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team for their help and kindness. Love you guys!

@FlXWare  for the help, the precious insights and the laughs

@Hashira the legendary Italian chef for helping me turning mad spaghet into tasty lasagna

@Talamin for the support and help with the testing

@Kamogli for the tests and kindness

@Energia because you rock




What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

User Feedback

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This thing is it. Awesome for mass producing Characters for selling on different Servers. It completes all relevant Quests, has AWESOME Routes and lets your characters you sell not look like you botted them.
If I am not mistaken it also does some Class Quests. I botted up 5 Paladins on a WOTLK Server already. This is the best Resource for leveling you can find on this Forum.

Even tho the Author said it does not replace a Questing Profile, it DOES replace all currently public existing ones. Don't waste money on anything else here.

Best Regards & Thanks for the hard work!

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The Wholesome Auto Quest is the GREATEST File I have ever used!

I can not believe the quality in this product. It is outstanding and above and beyond my expectations. I can not even believe there is a program that is so well made. There are great visuals, there is clear pathing, there is a scanning tool that scans everything and somehow knows when, how, what, where, and when to do anything! This tool is unbelievably amazing and I highly recommend this file to EVERYONE using the 3.3.5 client.

I use this file with the wholesome plugins as well and this program literally levels better than I ever could. BRAVO!!

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has lots of bugs but once you get past lvl 15 or so its basically afk


only 4 stars because it doesnt work with the other plugins i bought.


donated $10 USD in hopes they make this more compatible with other products/plugins and make it even better <3<3<3

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