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  1. thanks for the help. i haven't tried it yet as i got busy.
  2. yes i used those references already but still getting errors.
  3. tried using these code SpellManager.CastSpellByIDAndPosition(49936, ObjectManager.Target.Position ClickOnTerrain.Pulse(ObjectManager.Target.Position); but i get an error on vstudio. any way to correct these? Thank you.
  4. im making a fightclass for DK, how do i get it to use Death and Decay skills to be casted? it only use the skill but doesn't actually click on the ground.
  5. is it okay if i can ask for the code for this plugin? thank you.
  6. @Sye24, may i ask how to make the string array option for the plug.in please? thank you.
  7. hi @Sye24is it possible for my characters to move away from the ground debuff that doesn't show as a debuff on the player? will this snipet below work? wManager.Events.FightEvents.OnFightLoop += (unit, cancelable) => { var me = wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me; var target = wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target; if (me.IsAlive && target.IsAlive && !me.IsCast && me.HaveBuff("Buff name")) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Keybindings.PressKeybindings(wManager.Wow.Enums.Keybindings.STRAFELEFT, 1000 * 3); // strage left during 3 secondes } }; the debuff IDs are 69019 and 68863 which both hits the characters but no debuffs appears on them as they explode from the ground. Thank you.
  8. Yes it indeed worked. Thank you so much!
  9. Thank you so much for the help. i am still very new to this area. i tried having my lock to use grand spellstone but it doesn't "Left click" the spellstone to the weapon. i just based this on the snipets for rogue also. private void EnchantWeapon() { bool hasMainHandEnchant = Lua.LuaDoString<bool> (@"local hasMainHandEnchant, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _ = GetWeaponEnchantInfo() if (hasMainHandEnchant) then return '1' else return '0' end"); if (!hasMainHandEnchant) { IEnumerable<uint> MP = InstantPoisonDictionary .Where(i => i.Key <= ObjectManager.Me.Level && ItemsManager.HasItemById(i.Value)) .OrderByDescending(i => i.Key) .Select(i => i.Value); if (MP.Any()) { MHPoison = MP.First(); ItemsManager.UseItem(MHPoison); Thread.Sleep(10); Lua.LuaDoString("/click PickupInventoryItem(16)"); Thread.Sleep(5000); return; } } } private static Dictionary<int, uint> InstantPoisonDictionary = new Dictionary<int, uint> { { 79, 41196 }, }; may i ask please how to check if the required item is available in the bag before casting the spell especially needed for casting buffs. Thank you @Talamin
  10. hi anyone can help me have the correct setting for the fight class im making please. my FC doesn't cast Corruption because it already sees another lock's corruption as it's own. I highlighted the possible line that needs to be changed to it will buff Corruption to it's target. Thank you. if (Corruption.IsSpellUsable && Corruption.KnownSpell && Corruption.IsDistanceGood && SpellManager.GlobalCooldownTimeLeft() == 0 && !ObjectManager.Target.Rooted && !ObjectManager.Target.HaveBuff("Corruption") && ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Life Tap")) { Corruption.Launch(); return; }
  11. hi Jensen. When my quester closes, how do you load the quest where it stopped? I have to manually find the quest my char is currently doing and run it again? is there a way that it will automatically check what quests have been done and load the next one? Thank you.
  12. Hi all. Just taking my chances if there was any progress with this project regarding boting in a dungeon. i just started using wrobot and i would like to use it in FOS/POS EoT farm if it is possible. Thank you.
  13. how can I set my warlock to use the master spellstone? Thank you.
  14. hi all. i have no idea about the codes posted here. I was trying to search how to get my warlock create a spellstone then use it. i tried to base the "create healthstone" but I don't know how to get the itemID for the spellstone. if anyone can help me out that would be really great!
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