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    fix wrobot

    When they make the setting so that the bot does not loot in mobs. It is in the bot, but it does not work. When the collection is fixed in the form of a drood, it goes out of the form. When they fix a descent from a high altitude on the node, the bot jerks as if it is under drugs. I fucked up catching bans due to the fact that the settings in this bot simply do not work. Make it possible to set the radius of the mobs near the node. a fucking bims bot for 3 bucks supports these settings.
  2. Periodically, the bot behaves like this. Artificial intelligence in fact only in the description. For some reason, it gets off the mount when collecting grass on the druid. Does not see the obstacle normally. Can buff while flying on the mount. Enables automatic dismounting when turned on. The bot is very noticeable and likes to twitch. Will the bugs be fixed? video_2021-04-19_20-35-45.mp4
  3. how to make the bot not get up afk on low hp and go on
  4. set to 0. the bot periodically loots nodes in mobs and enters the battle
  5. there is no protection. any free cheat works there
  6. why rotation dont work wow sirus?
  7. how to specify the radius of ignoring mobs near the node
  8. how to make a character cast heal in combat?
  9. 13 апр 2021 12H18.log.html
  10. The bot cannot respawn in the ice crown. He first runs along the ground, then flies up without stopping as soon as he flies to the body volume_up content_copy share star_border
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