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  1. If you press the move button after landing, it will be able to collect the resource. I have to put an automatic clicker so that it presses the forward key for one millisecond every 2 seconds so that the bot can collect all the resources 😂 but this prevents me from using a computer mouse)
  2. I tried your advice. it didn't help. 29 апр 2021 20H58.log.html
  3. After the bot descends from the mount near the resource, it can not collect it. The label appears: "Can't do that while moving." If you take a step back, it will collect the resource. In the form of a bird, he also can not collect a resource. Another problem is that he can't use the mammoth for sale. This can be seen in the second video. "You have collected this mount but it is not usable on this character" But I can summon it manually. The bot can't.
  4. Can I configure the bot to fly while completing quests? Otherwise, he performs them for a very long time when he walks. The use air mount feature is enabled in the settings. It creates a ground path and follows it. Can it fly to the target?
  5. I recorded a video so that you understand what the problem is, and that it's not about the settings. The bot took off only when I pressed jump myself. And when he hit the wall and jumped. Only then did he fly. Can you fix it? So that everything works normally in the new zones? The same is true in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms location
  6. Try it yourself. Get to Uldum, ask NPC Zidormi to bring you back to the present. Write down the flight route. And he won't be able to fly. If you are in a cataclysm-era location (in the past) then it works fine, but I don't need this old zone.
  7. I even deleted the bot, downloaded it again with the default settings-the result is the same. It doesn't fly.
  8. The ground and air mount are configured correctly, but it doesn't use an air mount at all. It doesn't fly. I tried to make a quest profile, and up to the destination it only uses the ground mount. In the settings, "use air mount" is activated, but he still does not want to fly in these zones.
  9. Hi! I checked everything out. Unfortunately, everything remained the same. He takes a ground mount, goes under the point, and stands there. 1 апр 2021 00H50.log.html
  10. Yes, I'm sure, because in other locations everything works fine. The problem is only in new location. Created profiles and checked many times. It's always the same. And in other locations, everything is fine.
  11. With ground farming, he also goes astray and runs back and forth. Skips mobs that need to be killed, even when they themselves begin to attack it. There's definitely something wrong with these zones.This log is from the ground route. It can be seen that something is happening with the path search. I can provide you with an account with a level 120 character to check these zones. 30 мар 2021 01H57.log.html
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