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  1. I'm assuming most stick to wrath and lower? 😛
  2. Is interest for a 1-110 still around for private legion servers? I've been working on 1-85 scripts for cata, but I could focus on later expansions if interest is great enough 🤔
  3. Nazmir is rather stable now yes. Back when I originally posted the comment it wasn't even in alpha ( I was a tester.)
  4. Leaving a comment here so i can find it later 😉
  5. I wish I could rep you more than once ❤️
  6. Droidz has stated that it will not be updated to live servers. And the only Private BfA server hasn't even started their beta run yet.
  7. How about plugins? Which do you have, or none at all?
  8. I just put -nolaunch64bit .. worked for me 🤪
  9. .. checking my logs i noticed i put "Leftt" >.>
  10. Sorry to necro an old thread But is there a left click version of that? Ran into a TurnIn problem in Stormheim, but could be solved by that if it could left click >.<
  11. It takes a bit to get running, compared to some of the other bots that used to be out there. But once it gets running it's hella rewarding, and pretty damn good at it's job. 😉
    Bought as a trial before i got the rest! A couple hiccups and stucks along the way, but overall a great profile. It feels amazing to not have to do pathfinder again 😉 for the 6th time Thanks for your hard work ❤️
  12. So far were fine on detection since Droidz last update. Make sure the WoW version and supported version match. Make sure to redownloaded the updater and use THAT to update/install everything. Make sure your running in BORDERLESS or WINDOWED mode. ( That was my big issue the first time I bought xD)
  13. It does it's job, and honestly it's a hella fair/cheap price for a bot. There are some profilles available, but as zan stated most times its better to make your own
  14. I did it while i was still fairly new to the whole questing profile scene. I wanted to quit after that xD *Edit* also it's a thousand times easier here with the quest creation tool xD friggen love that
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