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  1. If you continue the analogy, you do not need to buy the toppings, you can make it yourself being an excellent pastry chef. There are many such confectioners among us, they have done a lot for our ice cream
  2. Problem in your fight class. Contact the author if you can not fix it. I will try to fix it tomorrow.
  3. Russian proxy: 0.35 or 1$ https://5proxy.ru/ Good speed, I use it myself
  4. For those who use this code: if not _oldGetTime then _oldGetTime = GetTime; _randomTime = math.random(1000, 86400); function GetTime() return _oldGetTime() + _randomTime; end end your fight classes will not check the cooldown. Here is the code for fixing the problem (C Sharp Code): Lua.LuaDoString<int>("start, duration, enabled = GetSpellCooldown(43265); return start;") == 0 where "43265" - your spell id p.s. Thank you, @Droidz this is very helpful.
  5. You do understand that by law you can't get a refund, boy?
  6. A piece of shit, did you say something about the law?
  7. I hope this topic will delete soon and this piece of shit will be banned.
  8. Didn't your mother teach you that threatening is not good? It's not too late to tell your parents what you spent your pocket money. No need to panic, just tell the truth.
  9. You can not answer because you do not know will your parents allow you?
  10. And if not, will you write to the police and sue him?
  11. You really funny. So are you from Turkey? I understand this is a lot of money for you. Arab monkey.
  12. Man, no one will give you back the money. Explain everything to your mother and you will not be punished.
  13. Yea, yea, I see: D
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