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  1. That is a shame. Thanks for your answer though
  2. And also can someone point me in the direction of the paid 1-110. Searched alot for those but only seem to come by end game profiles like Aszuna quests and so on
  3. Thanks so much for the replies guys, means alot. My problem is that i dont have time to make One. And what i am Looking for is very hard to come by anyway. I will give the 1-75 a try, thanks buddy!
  4. Thanks for the answer buddy. Do you Know any 1-110 profiles that run smoothly in 7.3.5? Dont want to buy one that is not updated or filled with bugs
  5. Anyone knows if someone is currently selling 7.3.5 1-110 profiles? Currently im trying out this one at its working great, but only lvl 10 so far. Very interrested in what 7.3.5 bots are availble. HMU!
  6. Hey there guys! So I have recently returned to wow private servers and wanted to return botting. Previously I've only been using HB, and are not familliar to other bots, so in a hurry (maybe too much) I bought this bot ready to set off to automatic botting! However.... Ive been scrolling around the site for a few hours now, and have not managed to find a decent questing profile for 7.3.5 wow circle yet -.- Am I completely missing something here? I searched for the legions ones and i saw one profile that was made before legion even was out. How do I sort in these things, and are 7.3.5 ones even viable? I know that I can create my own profiles, but the point in buying the program was not to program it myself. I saw that there was lots of grinding profiles which basically just hits on mobs and that will take ages to even hit level 60, if I even get level 60 before the ban that is. Is there anyone laying around with some decent lvling profiles, and kind enough to share them? Sorry if this is a total potato thread, but this site can be fairly overwhelming when first coming in here, hope you take it all in good spirits. -klunz, the botter stuck at lvl 2 quests
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