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Horde BloodElf Quester 1-110 Demo By Traxacon 1.0.0

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About This File

BloodElf Bot 1-110

profile is for a Horde BloodElf 1-110. Made with World of Warcraft Version

The route I have created is optimized for speed, and prioritized to stay away from the more popular areas of the game (to avoid other players).

This is only my Demo (Levels 1-12), I will be releasing the full released version in approximately 2-4 weeks. 

I recommend running with heirlooms for faster level times

Quick-Quest is recommended, as it does cut down the time by about 30 minutes (For the full 1-110 leveling bot). https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/quickquest



1-5 - Sunstrider Isle

5-12 - Eversong Woods

12-20 - Ghostlands

20-26 - Hillsbrad Foothills

26-30 - Arathi Highlands

30-34 - The Hinterlands

34-39 - Western Plaguelands

39-44 - Eastern Plaguelands

44-47 -Badlands

47-49 - Searing Gorge

49-53 - Burning Steeps

53-56 - Swamp of Sorrows

56-60 - Blasted Lands


60-62 - Hellfire Peninsula 

62-64 - Zangarmarsh

64-66 - Terokkar Forest 

66-68 - Blade's Edge Mountains

68-70 - Netherstorm 


70-72 - Borean Tundra

72-75 - Dragonblight 

75-77 - Zul'Drak

77-80 - Icecrown 


80-82 - Mount Hyjal

82-84 - Deepholm

84-85 - Twillight Highlands


85-87 - Jade Forest

87-90 - Valley of The Four Winds


90-93 - Tanaan Jungle/Frostfire Ridge

93-96 - Gorgrond

96-100 - Talador


100-103 - Azsuna 

103-106 - Val'Sharah

106-110 - Highmountain 


I am charging $30 dollars for my fully released bot, which will include Every race for horde leveling from 1-110. 

I will only be releasing BloodElf and Undead on the first week. Second week I will be releasing the rest. 

You will receive the loremaster achievement for every zone listed up there except for Talador and Valley of the four winds.

If you do choose to download the Demo, please give me as much feedback as possible, the Demo isn't much... I know... so ill be releasing a 1-30 demo next week.



I am stopping production on this profile until the release of patch 7.3.5


In patch 7.3.5, blizzard has announced the new leveling scale. Zones will now be scaled to your item lvl. 

Starting zones are now 1-10

vanilla zones are 10-60

BC & WotLK are 60-80

Cata & Panda are 80-90

Everything else is the same, the reason I am waiting until 7.3.5 is because I can cut down run times about 3-4 hours. I can choose to stay WotLk for leves 60-80, and I can stay in Pandaria from 80-90. Thus cutting down runtimes by 3-4 hours. I hope you all understand why I am waiting. Even if i dont wait with the new leveling scale, the quest routes might mess up the bot. 

If patch 7.3.5 releases on November 28th, 2017 like everyone has speculated, I plan on releasing the bot on December 20th. Sorry for the big push date.


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It gets you to Level 5 before first major break. Haven't heard from author in a while about updates. 

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