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  1. I just delete Wow-64.exe and dont use the launcher.
  2. Make some free trial accounts. No money invested, just time.
  3. There are a lot of people not using it on retail.
  4. If im playing by hand and get teleported, i would probably run back to the same mob to because there's probably a reason why im killing it.
  5. Just because you buy something doesn't mean you should use it. I can go out and buy a gun or two. Wonder what would happen if i used them.
  6. Suramar is a 110 only zone, Same thing with world quests. You would need to quest in one of the other zones to level up before you start going there. Have you done any normal questing at all in Legion?
  7. I bought camelot10's and they are great. https://wrobot.eu/profile/27746-camelot10/content/?type=downloads_file
  8. I have had this spinning happen to me lots of times and I don't use the plugin. I'm not sure that your encounter is because of the plugin. At least for me anyway I think wrobot was doing its anti-afk thing my moving slitly and then it was off the cords we set for mobs, so it turns to get back to it and it cant so it just keeps turning.
  9. I hope you tried to reach out to camelot10 before posting something like this. Lots of ppl use his profiles and have no issues, myself included. Also, currently only 3 posts and all 3 bashing him? seems fishy.
  10. Also, it would be cool if you could manually add in the quest Argus' Journal for the 2% XP boost. Could be a pain having to do the shift key work and picking the right one. Not much but every little bit helps!
  11. Came back to bot dying a lot in the Level 40 - 45: Eastern Plaguelands profile. It was in the middle of the Horde camp. Not sure why or how. I hearthed and flew back to the zone and seems to be ok. It did the same thing to me earlier in the STV profile. Kept going to close to the horde base camp at Grom Gol. I stopped, hearthed, flew back and restarted then too and it seemed ok. So far, I think its just a bug as not all characters are doing it.
  12. I'm not using his profile, just one I made myself.
  13. Now its worse. It thinks its stuck when its not really stuck. Keeps taking off and flying around and coming back. 11 Feb 2018 13H33.log.html
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