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  1. Hi myfriend , how to write in Easy Quests Editor->Is complete ,when after target dead goto nextstep?
  2. Maybe can refer to this topic
  3. For recent political reasons in China, it is not possible to use SSR or VPN, when download the WR with Updater the network update will report an error, :"error: System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in the XML document (0, 0). ---> System.Xml.XmlException: The root element is missing." who can give me a download (WOLK) address of the network disk?
  4. The server I am on is equipped with purple quality equipment, but the name has blue green purple. I tried adding item id, but there are too many items.Is there any way to judge the keyword or the color of the item name? I just want to sell items with a blue or orange name when the backpack is full, and keep items with a gold color name. anyone can help? thanks pic:
  5. After I get an XYZ coordinate in the development tool, what is a simpler command to directly reach this coordinate position? Do not want use gatheremode.
  6. I think I used the correct LUA sentence. After adding, the character can normally release the specified skills in the skill book, but it has been released continuously. How can I let him judge whether the "BUFFID" has been released? And I want to ask, how can I add buff id and judge? For example, the id of supergay is 1, CastSpellByNameID ("1,2,3,4,5 ..."), how should I write in LUA? thx sir.
  7. Sir,sometimes it is necessary to restore HP to 100% before proceeding, otherwise it is easy to die, so I must leave the battle. It's not because the enemy's HP is very low and they fleeing, it's because some strange skill settings make me unable to leave the battle. At this time, I must use the backpack's functional tools to leave the battle. So sir, do you have any ideas?
  8. Sometimes the characters can't leave the battle (there are no more enemies). At this time, I need to use the backpack's function gem to manually leave the battle. How should I write in Easy Quests Editor? This seems to be completely incorrect, hope to get help
  9. Under normal circumstances, I use map to determine the conditions for performing the next step, 3 such as:wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName == "Stranglethorn Vale" But in Chinese servers, they are often not recognized. Is there any way to use coordinates to judge the next step? For example: if the character coordinates are 800.000f, 800.111f, 800.222f, RunCode .. Because when I use teleport gems, their coordinates are the same. thx
  10. yes,work now ,sorry ,this is my bad
  11. no,not use plugins. this is my xlm,can looklook?刷本1.xml
  12. I created a script myself. Find the transporter - > enter the Dungeon - > run killandlot However, every time you enter the dungeon, it will show that you are trying to reset the progress of your dungeon. Please exit the dungeon to reset. How to cancel this function?
  13. First I want to select the NPC like in the picture, and then click the first button. I chose to interact with the goal in the task mode, then what should I do? Sorry i'm a newbie i got npcs ID, But this npc useless task is to send npc. In the first step, I want to select the right button of the NPC, and then select the first button in the dialog box.
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