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  1. I solved it myself. I need two macro commands. Click command 1 and then command 2 /run l={"name1","name2","name3","name4"}for j=1,#Rubb do if GetItemInfo(l)==Rubb[j]then return 1 end end end /run for bag=0,4 do for slot=1,50 do local b=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if b and IRubb(b)then UseContainerItem(bag,slot)end;end;end
  2. Hi,can tell me if i want store designated items in bank,how to writ this commands with MacroLua?
  3. If I want the mouse to move to the specified coordinates (relative to desktop coordinates) and click. What should I write in Quester editing mode?
  4. Thank you all. Many of my questions have been answered for me.i love Wrobot.
  5. If I want to implement the command in "is complete condition", how do I express the return command? wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != "Westfall" I want to judge, if not in this area, then return. Thx.
  6. I ran into a problem in Easy Quest.I only know to use the RunMacroLua command in EasyQuest this command: . /Targetenemy HighPriestessJeklik . /Cast DarkCommand . /Cast ChainsOfIce . /Cast Deat
  7. This function doesn't seem to work. I don't use other input methods (Just yesterday, I wrote the code in the middle of the night. The mouse click times were too many. My wife woke up and criticized me severely)
  8. Yes,Wotlk,i put id in there cant use,and i put item name there still cant use.There is no forced use of the flight mount option, in Grindr mode.
  9. I use Grinder mode.but my sever the mount is an item in a backpack.How do I set up items that let me use backpacks as mounts?
  10. Thx,and i want ask ,i know Blue is 0070dd,so when i want sell purple+blue,it is right? RunMacroLua->/run local q;if MerchantFrame:IsVisible()then for i=1,69 do q=GetContainerItemLink(i/35,i%35)if q and q:sub(5,10)=="a335ee,0070dd"then
  11. I use this one now, but he sells all the items of the backpack. How can I make him sell only the items of the first two backpacks? If my backpack has 30 squares.Thank you. /run local q;if MerchantFrame:IsVisible()then for i=1,300 do q=GetContainerItemLink(i/35,i%35)if q and q:sub(5,10)=="a335ee"then UseContainerItem(i/35,i%35)end;end;end
  12. How write in Easy Quests Editor ,determine the number of times you enter the dungeon and go to the next step? In order to solve the problem of too many times entering the replica in a short time.
  13. Does anyone know how to suspend the work of MyMcros in EasyQuestsEditor? What command should I enter? I tried wManager.CurrentSetting.IgnoreMacros = true. It doesn't seem to work.
  14. How to ignore macros press in Easy Quests editor? I want macro to stop working for a while until I give it instructions to continue working.
  15. How to collect specified items and kill specified enemies? My server has special-named treasure chests and special-named enemies. How can I collect specified items while looking for the specified-named enemies?
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