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    zhxwbr8 reacted to TheSmokie in How to write this command in "Is complete condition"?   
    return Usefuls.MapZoneName != "Westfall"; //Complete Condition  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in How to use mount with item ID in Mount options?   
    If by name that don't works, in settings put buff name like his happer in game when you mouse is over (top/right), and use this plugin: Main.cs
    using System.ComponentModel; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; public class Main : wManager.Plugin.IPlugin { public void Initialize() { wManager.Events.OthersEvents.OnMount += delegate(string name, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { MovementManager.StopMoveTo(); // or MovementManager.StopMove(); ItemsManager.UseItem(67009); Usefuls.WaitIsCasting(); cancelable.Cancel = true; }; } public void Dispose() { } public void Settings() { } } (this plugin will use item when WRobot will try to use mount spell)
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Ixou in How do I use runcode to complete this command?   
    ObjectManager.Me.Target = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByName("NPCName").FirstOrDefault().Guid; SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("SpellName");  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in The WR button doesn't work   
    Hello, Wait next update for the fix
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in Sell the purple items of the first two backpacks?   
    /run local q;if MerchantFrame:IsVisible()then for i=1,300 do q=GetContainerItemLink(i/35,i%35)if (q and (q:sub(5,10)=="a335ee" or q:sub(5,10)=="0070dd")) then UseContainerItem(i/35,i%35)end;end;end  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in Too many times to enter the dungeon in a short time.   
    Hello, look https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/9204-addingusing-a-counter/?do=findComment&comment=42769&_rid=1
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Pudge in ignore macros?   
    // off before quest wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro1.Actif = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro2.Actif = false; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro3.Actif = false; //4 5 6 etc  
    //on after quest wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro1.Actif = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro2.Actif = true; wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MyMacro3.Actif = true; //4 5 6 etc Use Runcode before and after quest, where u need off macros. Shoud work
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to TheSmokie in ignore macros?   
    instead of using macros with turn off, turn on (your gonna get some errors no matter what,) use this template for make your own plugin : 
    using robotManager.Helpful; using robotManager.Products; using System; using System.Threading; using System.Windows.Forms; using wManager.Plugin; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; public class Main : IPlugin { bool Launched; int timer = 1000; string PluginName = "[Plugin]: "; public void Initialize() { Launched = true; while (Launched && Products.IsStarted) { try { if (Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause) { if (!ObjectManager.Me.InCombat && !ObjectManager.Me.IsDead) { Lua.RunMacroText("Code here"); } } } catch (Exception e) { Logging.WriteError(PluginName + "there was an error: " + e); } Thread.Sleep(timer); } } public void Dispose() { Launched = false; } public void Settings() { MessageBox.Show(PluginName + "There are no settings."); } }  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Talamin in How to delete redundant items?   
    public static void DeleteItems(string itemName, int leaveAmount = 0) { var itemQuantity = ItemsManager.GetItemCountByNameLUA(itemName) - leaveAmount; if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(itemName) || itemQuantity <= 0) { return; } string luaToDelete = [email protected]" local itemCount = {itemQuantity}; local deleted = 0; for b=0,4 do if GetBagName(b) then for s=1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do local itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(b, s) if itemLink then local itemString = string.match(itemLink, ""item[%-?%d:]+""); local _, stackCount = GetContainerItemInfo(b, s); local leftItems = itemCount - deleted; if ((GetItemInfo(itemString) == ""{itemName}"") and leftItems > 0) then if stackCount <= 1 then PickupContainerItem(b, s); DeleteCursorItem(); deleted = deleted + 1; else if (leftItems > stackCount) then SplitContainerItem(b, s, stackCount); DeleteCursorItem(); deleted = deleted + stackCount; else SplitContainerItem(b, s, leftItems); DeleteCursorItem(); deleted = deleted + leftItems; end end end end end end end "; Lua.LuaDoString(luaToDelete); } Directly out of  Matenias  Framework, and with DeleteItems("Soulshard", 5) usable.
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to scsfl in How to delete redundant items?   
    @Matenia has shared an example containing method you're looking for.
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in How to interact with Hyacinth Macaw?   
    to call it try:
    wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.StopMove(); wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.RunMacroText("/use NAME"); wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.WaitIsCasting(); To interact try:
    wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.Position, 1234);  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to TheSmokie in Is there any way to encrypt XML?   
    There is a feature but only for paid products and you need premium Seller rank to sell stuff here.
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Droidz in Press button   
    Hello, yes use this c# code:
    robotManager.Helpful.Keyboard.PressKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.A); Replace "A" by your key https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/dotnet/api/system.windows.forms.keys?f1url=https%3A%2F%2Fmsdn.microsoft.com%2Fquery%2Fdev15.query%3FappId%3DDev15IDEF1%26l%3DFR-FR%26k%3Dk(System.Windows.Forms.Keys);k(SolutionItemsProject);k(TargetFrameworkMoniker-.NETFramework,Version%3Dv4.5);k(DevLang-csharp)%26rd%3Dtrue%26f%3D255%26MSPPError%3D-2147217396&view=netframework-4.8
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to TheSmokie in Complete condition Boss died?   
    You can use follow path,
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Pudge in Complete condition Boss died?   
    return ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(12345).Count == 0;// replace 12345 to your boss entry return ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByName("Name").Count == 0; // replace "Name" to your boss name  
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Ordush in How to Pass Anti-Bot   
    you can use framestack to find out what they call the frame, then you can use Lua GetText from that frame
    Then you can search the text for : and = and extract that text part. I don't know if it's random weather they use - + * / etc. If they do you just make 4 if statements and make it -, +, * or / based on what your search returns.
    Make it calculate the two numbers on each side of the math symbol.
    Voila, everything done in-game without second hand software, should be pretty easy to do.
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Dcrayzer123 in update does not work   
    the bot is not working after the update
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    zhxwbr8 reacted to Talamin in How to interact with the goal?   
    take a look here: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/10723-quest-profile-code-snippets-part-3-updated-72819/
    Use the search for "gossip" and you will find many useful code snippets for interact with NPC´s like 
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