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The begining of the end of WRobot for official servers



Following the recent events, I cannot continue to offer you a "safe" bot, for this reason the end of WRobot for official servers is planned.

I'll remove in few weeks of the store the subscriptions for official servers, and 1 month after, I'll remove and block access to WRobot for official Wow servers (during this time, WRobot will continue to be updated (in few days a big update will be release on all WRobot versions), do not be surprised, but that does not change my decision).

We hope you understand, thank you for your support.

Kind regard, Droidz


- This don't affect versions for private servers, and I'll continue to update/upgrade WRobot for private servers.

- I will definitely close WRobot at the latest at the "Battle for Azeroth" pre-patch (Wow version 8.x.x)

- I don't remove now subscriptions for official servers from the store because some users ask me to not do it, but I will add a message in store to warn buyers.

- In next days/weeks I'll edit home page to change the description and say that WRobot is only a private servers bot (to avoid confusion).

- I'll not add support of bliz WoW Legacy Servers (I often have the question)

You can discuss about this here: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/8666-ban-wave/

Edited by Droidz

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Sorry to hear that, and at the same time, I'm mature enough to understand that to stop being the only public bot was the only possible logical action.


If you decide to create a private bot for official servers, please let me know; I'll be more than willing to support its development and maintenance.


Thank you @Droidz



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Sad to see this, i loved using your bot during legion to not get numb fingers ^_^ been away from wow for some time, and were now considering getting BFA, but now im not for sure! keep up the good work for the private servers! =)

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Sad to hear this, but what about the people like me who bought the lifetime edition , is there gonna be a compensation like giving a lifetime private wrobot ? 

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