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  1. I even installed BG accept plugin, seam to work sometimes but mostly not, how can i get the bot to accept bg queue?? EDIT:it seams server has some kind of protection, if you try accept too fast it blocks, can some delay be added ? EDIT:seams same issue as here
  2. Can we expect some updates for 7.1.5 legion?
  3. For no reason i started getting this error moment i attach wrobot to wow, it happens on 2 different computers and accounts, dont understand what it wants, i already am running windowed, and reseting keybindings didint help.
  4. gbl.validGround = { ["player"] = true, ["cursor"] = true } function f.Cast(spell, target) g.CastSpellByName(spell, target) end function f.CastGround(spell, target) if not gbl.validGround[target] then target = "cursor" end f.Macro("/cast [@"..target.."]"..spell) end function f.Macro(text) g.RunMacroText(text) end function f.UseItem(name, target) g.UseItemByName(name, target) end function f.UseInvItem(name) g.UseInventoryItem(name) end function f.TargetUnit(target) g.TargetUnit(target) end function f.SpellStopCasting() g.SpellStopCasting() end But it seams wrobot doesnt su
  5. Well Nerd pack addon doesnt recognize any lua unlocker, are you sure wrobot unlocks lua?I can ask NEP author to add detection than
  6. Wow try to call protected function, please report it before use WRobot again. How can i bypass this, the bot work for like hour than crashes with this error, i use EWT simple lua unlocker and NEP addon for combat rotations.
  7. As title says i cant open bot it says serves are down and i should check my firewall or what not. I tried running it from 5 different locations no firewalls exists that would block it .
  8. Droidz do you plan to update bot for 7.1.5 private server as this seams to be more popular lately so also we dont get naged for update every time we launch it.
  9. If i add spells like Transcendence: Transfer Incarnation: Chosen of Elune It never casts them, is it problem due ":" ?Am im suposed to to enclose spell like "Incarnation: Chosen of Elune" or something? Transcendence: Transfer Transcendence: Transfer
  10. I can confirm this on private server running 7.0.3 patch, getting stuck into walls, trying to get back to starting position in WSG while in graveyard etc..
  11. Question, what can i do about bot runing into walls in bgs?Its doing stupid things like trying to go up the hill back to starting area, or running against walls on graveyards randomly.. [N] 10:33:14 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 6 [N] 10:33:14 - [Path-Finding] Partial result: PVPZone03 - -1422,08;367,0143;-981,9268 - -1443,533;345,5356;-933,6146 [N] 10:33:14 - [Path-Finding] Partial result: PVPZone03 - -1443,533;345,5356;-933,6146 - -1450,105;367,6497;-933,6146 [N] 10:33:14 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 6 [N] 10:33:14 - [Path-Finding] Partial result: PVPZone03 - -1421,86;367,0143;-981,897 -
  12. Hey, i tried this older versions on 7.0.3 MonsterWow private server but it says incorrect game version. Does it help if i upload you wow exe to patch this? EDIT:My bad, downlaoded wrong one, is there a way to disable update nag?
  13. What you changed, can you please upload it doesnt work for me also
  14. Also, bot still ads to black list entire packs of mobs for some reason and just flys by over them on same place i mentioned before, cant figure why it happens, i need to press clear session blacklist all the time.. EDIT:Even without multipull plugin problem happens, it keeps ignoring mobs, i think it happens as my AOE attack hits surround mobs than i see wrobot registers player attacked by (name of mob) and than ads that mob to blacklist. Can you please somehow fix this blacklisting?
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