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    Hapiguy got a reaction from wlhr in I'm back!   
    Profiles that could use some SERIOUS love: 
    Feral Druid
    Guardian Druid
    Balance Druid
    anything healing related...
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    Hapiguy reacted to Zan in I'm back!   
    He's obviously been gone longer than 5 months so you wouldn't know him.
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    Hapiguy reacted to Zan in Can this bot actually do anything on its own?   
    Then we bot for 6 months
    It says can, not does.
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    Hapiguy reacted to wlhr in Can this bot actually do anything on its own?   
    It's always that way. Every bot I used before needed a lot of time to setup but was running decent after I was finished. Only exception was Honorbuddy and I would still use  Honorbuddy if there weren't those guaranteed banwaves. :D
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from BetterSister in Can this bot actually do anything on its own?   
    If we don't decrease the influx, we will run into issues in the future from having too many mouth-breathing facerollers in here, expecting a 1-click wonder @ a couple bucks a month.
    The comedy is that people keep referring to HB like it was some sort of amazing program when they literally took it up the ass from the 'support' team there, tony and co. legitimately screwed the playerbase yet they keep wistfully recounting the "good old days"...
    We should absolutely focus on quality and not quantity, as droidz has always done.
    Let the QQers complain, life will go on for the rest of us! 
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    Hapiguy reacted to BetterSister in Can this bot actually do anything on its own?   
    The reason we aren't as popular as hb is we don't want to be. Less risks with smaller user base. The question is do we keep accepting more users or should we discontinue registration 
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    Hapiguy reacted to tonycali in Can this bot actually do anything on its own?   
    Already ready to start doing chargebacks after investing a whopping 4 hours into the bot.  Lol  you should have done some research this bot isn't HB where u push start and the hardest thing was entering your CC info into the site.  This bot is more like Macrogoblin where u pay for the botbase and do the legwork yourself or pay someone all these HB plebs flooding in expecting press start and AFK are in for a big surprise.
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from phem0r in profile not harvesting..   
    Imagine that, you want to invoke your 'freedom of speech' when someone replies in a less than congratulatory way, when you were the one whining in the first place... makes sense.
    Playing it off like you were trolling is all good and fine, but judging by your initial post and the other posts since, I highly doubt it.
    You're paying for a product, yes.  So is everyone else.  I'm glad you're over it, now if only you can get over the fact that you're not the center of the universe...
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from Dreamful in About possible C# hacks/scripts (pvp)   
    "Not to be rude, but totally to be rude as fuck with literally NO reason to be so..."
    Take a breath, pumpkin...
    Dreamful was simply offering helpful advice and trying to assist you with your "OMG IT'S HAX!!" issue, which you reacted like an absolute cunt to.
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    Hapiguy reacted to wlhr in What Is The Status Of World Quests and Quest Chains (Unpaid or One-time Payment)   
    thats why i stopped developing my 1-110 profile :x
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    Hapiguy reacted to iMod in More Remote functions   
    You could write a webservice and a plugin as client to control what ever you want to.
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    Hapiguy reacted to Moonpie in I want to make RMT for a living, need RMT players help please   
    Since rawr Goldfarming got nerfed to the ground it is all about farming the right mats. Watch some Youtube Videos and check the AH or TSM Website if it is worth farming. There are some pretty unknown yet very rewarding farming spots like Nether Dragon Scales https://www.tradeskillmaster.com/items/nether-dragonscales-29548. Also all kind of pets sell very well. 
    In case you got a decent graphic card you can also farm Bitcoins, Ethereum, ZCash etc. at the same time your Bots are running. 
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    Hapiguy reacted to Svennebanan in I want to make RMT for a living, need RMT players help please   
    I'm earning like 80 dollars a week from 1 acc. 5x that would be nice but if i only have 1-2 accs running i can have them run for 2+ months and i dont really have the time for more accs running right now.
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    Hapiguy reacted to eeny in I want to make RMT for a living, need RMT players help please   
    Hard work!  Selling to the chinese is easy... the rate is low, however no chargebacks and in my experience they always need stock.
    Selling direct is risky and takes time to get customers. 
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from eeny in Downloads become mess   
    @Droidz, I've got some Moderator experience... you want some help w/ the forums?? 
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    Hapiguy reacted to ipwnuqq in [archeology] Not solving   
    For anyone going nuts over this without Addons I ran into the problem that every time I came back I was max fragments and it wasn't solving. After watching for a while it turns out that being a Druid and travel form being my default flying mount you can't actually solve artifacts whilst in shapeshift form. Make sure you change flying mount to an actual mount if you are a druid and it will solve while flying.
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from eeny in How Do You Sell Your Gold Safely? (Prevent Refunds)   
    I've always sold to the Chinese re-sellers, honestly.
    Sure, they pay less than what you can get if you sell yourself, but they're always buying, they always pay promptly and I've never had a chargeback.
    I've sold ~ 30-40 million in the last year with no issues.
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    Hapiguy reacted to Droidz in HB goes to shit and now WR jacks the price?   
    Hello, I replied to your private message:
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    Hapiguy reacted to camelot10 in Avoid ban or minimize risk   
    you can't just quit botting
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    Hapiguy reacted to molotox in Usless?   
    I really wonder how hard some of you people look before crying in a post on the forums. It took me about half an hour of looking at the profiles to come up with a way to level to 110 almost unattended, doing minimal work.
    I'll spare you how much I loathe crying babies, and just give you this list. Don't even bother complaining about paid profiles. Grow a pair. If you can't get over that, you aren't ready for real life yet. Making good profiles is hard work. And people who have the balls to actually do the hard work deserve to be paid for said work.
    And this one is a little bonus to keep you busy at 110. By then you should have grown enough of a pair to make your own grinder profiles to mindlessly farm Starlight Rose 24/7.
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from wlhr in Usless?   
    People that come in here because they were used to being spoon-fed by HB make me laugh...
    You'll either have to spend money to get what you want, or write it yourself.
    We don't have hundreds of bored devs sitting here waiting to write profiles for you, and then tell you how to use the profiles that they've written.
    If you feel like it's too much work, then you're probably in the wrong place...
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from fragik in How to Schedule Gatherer Profiles   
    People don't run it because:
    A) they're not very experienced with wRobot, and they're unsure of how to correctly set it up
    B) they're paranoid because they have to enter account name/pw/etc.
    Which is goofy, because you shouldn't be botting on an account you're afraid to lose, anyways...
    My 2 cents.
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from fragik in Block Ancient Mana Loot   
    Yep, no longer hanging up on loots, HALLELUJAH!!
    All bots at 140 loots/hr!!!
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    Hapiguy got a reaction from fragik in 101 Twink Farming   
    Are people also using these 101 twinks to farm Leystone Lockboxes??
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    Hapiguy reacted to eeny in Do you think profession skill makes good gold?   
    With the exception of automated Ah sniping - Anyone that can say they make 100K PROFIT an hour is likely full of it...More-so if they are 100% AFK botting.  That or they are making 20K in 12 minutes and saying " ... at this rate its 100k / hour OMG SO GOOD GUYZ!!" .
    Either way 100K / hour is unlikely to be sustainable for hours on end as the market you are selling into will likely get saturated.
    I still think botting with gathering profs is still the best for gold/hour.  My bots are mainly leather / herb farmers that run at 6-7K an hour and at the moment i run them 7-10 hours a day.  so im just above your 40K mark you think it a little low.  Majority of the mats i have go through a bank alt account and onto the AH.  I do have a handful of AH goblins who take bulk leather off my hands directly at 85% market price ( which means i dont show up on the AH with is nice).  At this point i have been running the same 5 accs since november last year.
    Craft profession skills are nice- but at that point you are actually playing the game and not botting.  I know a lot of the Ah goblins i sell to take my mats to directly flip then into Oblit / Enchanting shards at a reasonable margin.  however that's hard to automate, im much happier to have my bots not making top dollar, but being reliable income which is easy to manage.
    The better question is: if you DONT do gathering... how are you going to make the big money you are after in this game with botting?
    I do RMT.  my gold buyer is paying $0.06/ K on most of my servers which means on average each bot is pulling in US $0.40 /Hour.  All up $2 / hour... After i pay my power bill i am left with some free magical internet money, certainly not going to be quitting my day job tho.
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