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  1. UnitExtension: /// <summary> /// Gets the units around our unit in the given range. /// </summary> /// <param name="range">The range we are looking in.</param> /// <param name="objectType">The object type we are looking for.</param> /// <returns>Returns a list of units if we found one, otherwise a empty list.</returns> public static IEnumerable<WoWUnit> GetAttackableUnits(this WoWUnit instance, int range, WoWObjectType objectType = WoWObjectType.Unit) { // Get u
  2. WoWUnit Extension "IsAutoAttacking" (WOTLK) /// <summary> /// Gets the flag if the unit is auto attacking. /// </summary> /// <returns>Returns true if the unit is auto attacking, otherwise false.</returns> public static bool IsAutoAttacking(this WoWUnit instance) { // Read bool result = Memory.WowMemory.Memory.ReadBoolean(address: instance.GetBaseAddress + (uint)0xA20); // Return return result; } I'm not sure about the other extension offsets.
  3. My code does the same if i'm not total wrong. It just gets the highes talent and returns a "Number/ID" instead of the name.
  4. Nice to see some progress even on that pc of old code ;) One thing i don't understand is how can it be more accurate if you still loop over the tabs and take the one with the highes points? Is is because you read out the name? If so how about multi language can that cause some issues? I know its just a sample code but you may should check if its not a priest because you don't got any else block. (2cents)
  5. You also had to pay if you want a good rotation thats why they implemented the buddy store. The quest profiles where made by a guy who got paid for it. I would not call it directly "free".
  6. Are you using their client? I'm using the original one.
  7. Ah damn, yeah i remember that issue with the dummies.
  8. #region get tanks List<WoWPlayer> getTanks() { // Focus set? if(ObjectManager.Me.FocusObj != null) { // Return list with the focus object return new List<WoWPlayer>(){ObjectManager.Me.FocusObj}; } // Return empty list return new List<WoWPlayer>(); } This is just a quick and dirty solution.
  9. Change your init method to public void Initialize() // When product started, initialize and launch Fightclass { _isLaunched = true; { EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaWithArgs += delegate (LuaEventsId id, List<string> args) { if (id == LuaEventsId.MODIFIER_STATE_CHANGED && args.Count == 2) { // Possible values are LSHIFT, RSHIFT, LCTRL, RCTRL, LALT, and RALT string key = args[0]; // 1 means that the the key has been pressed. 0 means that th
  10. Only in theorie, you can calculate and make a guess, otherwise no. If i'm not wrong there was a lua library that does it for a healing addon but sadly i don't remember the name y.y
  11. Just hover with your mouse over the red text and tell me the error message wich should pop up 🙂
  12. Nah i'm lucky i don't had to update any of my projects after updates since yet and DistanceTo is working for me (WOTLK) What kind of error do you get?
  13. The forum is full of posts like yours. If you buy a product without to inform your self about, its your own fault. Those people can be happy that there are some ppl who selling their stuff that cheap. And for real try to create your own and you will see if you want quality you need to pay for it. Welcome in the world.
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