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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys, Since many servers detect PQR now, i begun to migrate all my PQR Profiles to wRobot in C#. All my FightClasses will have a Ingame StatusFrame so you know whats happing next. You can disable it with /dRotation or hide it with the close button. Features Using Trueshot Aura Using Aspect of the Dragonhawk if we have more than 10% Mana Using Aspect of the Viper if we have less than 10% Mana Using Hunters Mark* if its not on Boss Using Misdirection on Focus if you have a Focus Using Rapid Fire* Using Readiness* to refresh Rapid Fire Using Call of the Wild* (Pet Ability) Using Kill Command* Using Silencing Shot Using Kill Shot if Target is under 20% Health Using Serpent Sting if Debuff not on Target Using Chimera Shot Using Aimed Shot Using Steady Shot if everything is on Cooldown *only using if target is a Boss This FightClass is only for Raid/Dungeon Environment and pull max DPS. If you have any suggestions or good ideas that would be usefull just tell me so i will maybe implement it. Peace, Dreamful
  2. Ok, this is a MASSIVE subject that cant be done justice in an 8 minute youtube video... but this should get some people started.
  3. Skunkz


    Bonjour à tous, J'essai de créer mon propre noob bot pour mon monk lvl 33. J'aimerais qu'il fasse 3 coup de Paume du tigre (100780) et après faire Frappe du voile noir (100784). mais je n'y parvient pas. I try to creat my own noob bot for my monk lvl 33. I would like he do 3 hits to (100780) after (100784) But i can't idk why ? Maybe i forget one condition. Thanks for help
  4. He guy's I search good rotaion file for my frost i will pay for it. My talents here i raid a lot if that can help u ty to PM me !
  5. He guy's I search good rotaion file for my frost i will pay for it. My talents here i raid a lot if that can help u ty to PM me !
  6. Matenia


    Version 1.0.0


    Fixes the bug where wRobot breaks its combat rotation in MoP clients by reloading the UI after dying and rezzing.
  7. Version 1.0.3


    I feel this rotation is good enough for a release at this time. I will update it if I find errors or things that need to be tweaked out better. If you find problems let me know and I’ll get to them when I can. Interrupts can be toggled on or off and are set to interrupt right before the end of cast. The interrupts used are Silence and Psychic Scream. There are several spells to use for survivability and set to act when your health % drops below a certain level. Mind Blast, Void Bolt, and several other spells will interrupt Mind Flay to be cast. At this time Mind Sear is not interrupted. Most Talents are passive on Priest and the ones I have NOT implemented in the profile are Mind Bomb, Shadow Crash, and Mind Spike. Using my default Settings and Talents posted, it will use Power Infusion and Mindbender/Shadowfiend when we enter Voidform. By picking Legacy of the Void with Power Infusion, Insanity usually goes above 70 in Voidform which keeps the Priest in Voidform longer. Suggestions: use Tier 1 Talent Shadow Word: Void for quick kills and Fortress of the Mind for harder kills. There are various settings that can be modified for your gameplay. In the settings I suggest you pay attention to the descriptions of them all. You have a decent amount of choices. Enjoy the rotation and let me know of any problems. – Zan Note: Stock File is English LUA Version.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is using a specific set of Talents (1,2,3,3,2,1,3) which will allow you to do aoe damage while primarily focusing on single target damage - Very good for PVE (untested in PvP). It is using all procs, but does not support automated battle rezz yet. Death Grip needs to be activated in the Rotation Settings before available. - Please report any Issues / Bugs :)
  9. when a character comes out of fear, bot no longer continue to rotate , and the character just standing. But if I manually move him, he start rotation. Can this be fixed ?
  10. Since there is no method to get the specialization of the character in wotlk i took another way to find it out. It wont be 100% accurate if you use mixed talends but for the most spec's it should work. /// <summary> /// Returns the talent tree with the most invested points /// </summary> /// <returns>Returns the tree index</returns> public static int GetSpecialization() { KeyValuePair<int, int> highestPointTree = new KeyValuePair<int, int>(0, 0); // Process talent trees for (int i = 1; i <= 3; i++) { // Get current talent points int treePointValue = Lua.LuaDoString<int>($"local _, _, talentPoints = GetTalentTabInfo({i}); return talentPoints;"); // Bigger than old value? if (treePointValue > highestPointTree.Value) { // Set new value highestPointTree = new KeyValuePair<int, int>(i, treePointValue); } } // Return return highestPointTree.Key; } This will give you the the talent tree with the most invested points. Now you just need to define each talent tree based on the wow class For example DK: if(ObjectManager.Me.WowClass != WoWClass.DeathKnight) { throw new NotSupportedException("You need to be a DK to use this rotation."); } // Get the main talent tree int mainTalent = GetSpecialization(); // Choose the right rotation switch (mainTalent) { case 1: { // Set rotation this._rotation = new Blood(); Logging.WriteDebug("Choosing Blood rotation."); break; } case 2: { // Set rotation this._rotation = new Frost(); Logging.WriteDebug("Choosing Frost rotation."); break; } case 3: { // Set rotation this._rotation = new Unholy(); Logging.WriteDebug("Choosing Unholy rotation."); break; } default: { this._rotation = null; throw new NotSupportedException("Your spec is not supported."); } } This is just a small and fast coded example but hope it helps some ppl. Greez iMod
  11. Version 1.5.0


    My very first Fight Class. This is for PVP firemage. no certain talents are needed.....Yet im currently working on Blast Wave and Dragon's Breath Also AOE Spells are in the works This fight class works great for both PVP and PVE
  12. Hello, since i don't have that much time at the moment to play wow i will release my idea of a "All in One" rotation. Don't expect too much ;) iLoader: iRotationCore: BossList: Everything else i hope is selfexplain. It is just an idea and was a side project from me so i hope it is useful for someone. Greez iMod iRotation.zip
  13. Version 1.1.1


    This is one of a few I have, if you guys find it decent I'll upload more classes and specs. Sept 30, 2015 - Update As I forgot to give everyone my talent list that I used for the creation of this profile, here it is. 15 - Double Time 30 - Impending Victory 45 - Sudden Death 60 - Storm Bolt 75 - NA 90 - Bloodbath/Avatar (user preference) 100 - Seigebreaker (this will be switching to Anger Management on the next release when I smooth out the timing/rage efficiency, as it provides the greatest potential DPS output) I have finished the following using this Profile as a rotation: - All Looking for Group dungeons AS dps. - All of Highmaul in Looking for Raid AS dps - created custom farming profiles using this as the fight class. Thanks, Sean Ps. Helpful tips/suggestions are always welcome
  14. Hello Droidz. First of all I would like to thank you for our fantastic work with WRobot, it's great and the community here small but help full and great full :) I'm writing this post because i think we could easily upgrade rotation bot and increase DPS for each class. Currently we are only limited to one rotation that is simply based on FightClass and if we want to change it we need to stop the ot choose different and then start again which is ok but not really efficient for complicated rotations and serious DPS. As everybody knows you can't just use one rotation all the time if you want to max out DPS with your character, there are different rotations that need to be performed in order to achieve that. I will explain using my Arcane Mage build. Currently i only have one rotation with few conditions to use all my skills but it would be absolutely AWESOME if we could use more rotations as part of one BIG rotation and easily switch them during a fight, what do I mean? Let's say on my mage, if i play manually have 4 phases that come together into one rotation, there is: 1. Opening phase 2. Conserve phase 3. Burning phase 4. Cooldown phase And currently it's absolutely impossible to program bot that way to achieve that as we only have one big rotation. What I suggest is to create a new let's say Raid / Dungeon Rotation Bot where we can add in order let's say 5 rotations and easily switch them on the go by using key short-cuts or set conditions to more to another rotation step, for example ALT+1, ALT+2, ALT+3, ALT+4, ALT+5. With a bot like that i can simply decide that my opening phase has finished and press ALT+2 to move to conserve rotation and then ALT+3 to do my burning rotation an after it's finished ALT+4 to start my cooldown phase and then back to ALT+2 to repeat or even better simply set conditions like: If skill Evocation is on cooldown keep using conserve phase, then Evocations skill is ready so bot is moving to burning phase where is using rotation to max ut dps and burn all mana and when mana is at 10% use Evocation skill and move to cooldown phase. I know it sounds complicated but its not all we need is another version of rotation bot, where we can add and easily switch rotations without leaving game and stopping the bot and conditions to use different rotations in order. Please tell me what you think, am sure that people would love that possibility,
  15. First off, I just started using WRotation and I wanted to say thanks. I really like a bot that allows me to write me own profiles. I'm trying to write a profile for raiding on feral druid that uses the icyveins.com rotation for 6.0.2. Is there a way I can check a buff or debuff for it's remaining time? For instance, I would like to be able to refresh Rip at less than 7 seconds on my target's buff. I'm using the Rotation Creator to design this and cannot seem to find an acceptable option. If not, is there a way to find this "time remaining" using a lua script or something? Also, how do profile creators deal with casting healthstones below a specified percentage? 19102.Feral.Druid.xml
  16. Version 1.0


    Erv Elemental Shaman v1.0 Due to the lack (and poor quality) of other Elemental Shaman fight classes (other than Spooge's of course, which is more pve focused), especially ones centered around pvp, this is a profile I wrote to make it easier for my elemental shaman to bot in battlegrounds. As it uses defensive cooldowns, offensive cooldowns, interrupts spellcasting, drops totems, and casts a wide array of spells, it not only does half decent damage, but *also provides adequate disguise to your character being a bot (*NOT A GUARANTEE, PLEASE STILL BE CAUTIOUS WHEN BOTTING). As there are several talent-specific abilities written into this fight class, the following talents should be taken to ensure that the profile works correctly. 15 - Nature's Guardian 30 - Earthgrab Totem 45 - Totemic Persistence 60 - Echo of the Elements (really your call here) 75 - Ancestral Guidance 90 - Elemental Blast -Basic Rotation (prioritized in this order) ​Will cast Flametongue Weapon once every 60 minutes (or once right away every time you start the bot, even out of combat). Will keep Lightning Shield up, casting it once every 2 minutes (optimized for battlegrounds, as it drops off when you are killed). Will keep Flame Shock up on the target, and refresh when there are 3 seconds left (27s duration). Will cast Lava Burst on cooldown every 8 seconds.AND prioritize casting instant Lava Burst(s) when its cooldown resets by procs of Lava Surge. [*]Will cast Elemental Blast on cooldown every 12 seconds. [*]Will cast Unleash Elements every 15 seconds to increase the damage of your next fire spell by 30%. [*]Will cast Earth Shock when 7 charges of Lightning Shield have been generated. [*]Will drop Searing Totem once every 25 seconds. [*]Will cast Lightning Bolt as a filler when all other major damage dealing spells are on cooldown. -Damage-Dealing Cooldowns (usage prioritized over basic rotation) Will use Ascendance before casting any damage dealing spells right when you enter combat and on cooldown every 3 minutes (as long as you're still in combat). While in Ascendance, will prioritize casting Lava Burst as many times as possible. 2. Will use Spiritwalker's Grace before casting any damage dealing spells right when you enter combat (immediately after Ascendance) and on cooldown every 2 minutes (as long as you're still in combat). 3. Will drop Fire Elemental Totem and Earth Elemental Totem on cooldown every 5 minutes. 4. Will drop Stormlash Totem every 5 minutes on cooldown. -Defensive Cooldowns (usage prioritized over basic rotation) Will use Shamanistic Rage if you are at or below 70% hp every 60 seconds on cooldown. Will use Healing Tide Totem if you are at or below 50% hp every 3 minutes on cooldown. Will use Capacitor Totem every 45 seconds on cooldown. Will use Grounding Totem every 25 seconds on cooldown. Will use Earthgrab Totem every 30 seconds on cooldown. IF TALENTED FOR Ancestral Guidance, will use if you are at or below 70% hp every 2 minutes on cooldown. Will spam Healing Surge if you are at or below 35% hp. -Additional Notes [*]Will Thunderstorm on cooldown every 45 seconds to restore mana and push back enemies. [*]Will Wind Shear every 12 seconds on cooldown to interrupt enemy spellcasting. Hopefully you guys like the profile! I put a bit of time into it, so if you do download it, use it, and like it, OR if you don't like it and would like any changes to be made, please leave a comment below, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Lava Bursting, and thanks :D
  17. So i tried many differnet fight classes for grinding, both ele and enh, and none of them work efficiently. In ele, the bot just WILL NOT cast lava burst and in enhancement, it WILL NOT cast stormstrike. I have even tried to make my own fight class by following the instructions word by word on the sticky, but it's just not smart. The bot just doesn't work correctly. Can canbody help? Even when i put the priority to the highest number, it will not cast what I want. Also, the toon only pulls with lightning bolt....
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