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  1. Was blizzard going to take u to court... It was only a matter of time for this bot to be shut down
  2. They patched wow and the servers u have to update
  3. This is next on blizzards list of bots they are now bigger than hb with new users coming I guarantee it is next give it 6 months come 2018 I see this bot working before any other bot goes up when a update is done by blizzard As for how they market it they are saying it does every thing for u when u buy the bot straight out of the box this is how I take it from the homepage
  4. You may want to level without looms so that people with no loom get the right xp
  5. This is the next on blizzards list of bots come 6-12 months they will be gone
  6. It will be in the next 6-12 months I predict with many banwaves
  7. This bot is next to fall in court like hb just like any other that had come and gone
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