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  1. well i know i'm not going to happen not enough intelligent. I tried to modify "Pickpocketing.cs" so that they keep the mob distance.cart even if they knock it out the bots spasm so much the displacement before they enter combat. even if in the parameters of the box I tick "not start the fight".ideas please because I could not create this sheet custom profile Pickpocketing.cs
  2. Okay I see that in the "grind" if I attack nobody the bots this moves not even glass the selected mobs. they don't even target them. i will see for quest profiles
  3. hi, i'm playing on a private mop server.I'm stupid on my part to use legion profiles. I will read the guide which is made in France. thank you Zan it is very detailed. I want to fly in the monster pocket but the bots attack them permanently. I will try to create the combat profile and a simple grind profile. I come back with results
  4. I maybe a potential customer who knows maybe the bots will please me.Why do you make a forum if it is to ignore people after... you see your know how to answer me. it will help me a little already. I know where to start. Merci.
  5. wow you too many to help me stopped ... admine beautiful forums it's cool not to answer. this is how it takes business. GG help pleas
  6. sorry english it's not my strong point. the bot is getting too close. then they spam bcp too much the unfolding of the coup they go into battle.and then the price of the bots is 22.99 EUR share less or always ?
  7. Hello, I'm not very well set up pickpocketing. where they attack the mobs after pickpocketing. I use this profiles
  8. it's all in the title i try this bots for the first time. I would need your advice please. I am testing the 15m bots. they are complete
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