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Found 16 results

  1. Version 5.4.8


    Druid Balance.xml
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A quest Profile for high x10 Q rates server. Optimized for WoW Freakz. quest in 2 areas : Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds Start Profile in Jade Forest, be sure ur Qlog ist empty . more than 50q hf
  3. it's all in the title i try this bots for the first time. I would need your advice please. I am testing the 15m bots. they are complete
  4. Hi! I'm new to this bot and I started to make a profile for ubrs. I have to open a door by clicking on 7 room runes which I managed to do. But: for example if the bot is at the 4th rune and I get in combat it skips the remaining 3 runes and tries to go through the door (which is obviously the next step). I'm guessing the problem can be solved with a while-endwhile step but I'm not sure how to do it. ubrs_test2.xml
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hey there, i just stumbled upon a profile of mine i have been using to farm Sha Crystals on the Timeless Isles. While Farming the Gulp Frogs who are located at the South East you also farm a lot of Timeless Coins. I also got the Gulp Frog Pet after farming for 5 hours. Enjoiy the profile. Update: Since i got asked this twice now. Make sure to turn [start fighting with Elite] on else the bot won't attack the Frogs
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a very basic profile for Warsong Gulch Battleground, it doesn't run into tunnels and does a decent path without stucks. This profile is for MoP Expansion only.
  7. Does anyone have Mistweaver monk fight class for MoP? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  8. Version 1.1


    This profile can be used from level 1 to 90. I've personally used it up to level 60. It's very efficient. For your talents, you should use Presence of Mind, Ice Barrier, Frostjaw and Cauterize. - Uses pet spell "Freeze" - Uses Frost Nova and Frostjaw - Ice Lance most effectively, tries to Shatter (Bolt+Lance) whenever it can - Ice Block your Cauterize off - Uses Frostfire Bolt if you get kicked on Frostbolt - Uses Icy Veins early on - Does not automate food/drink
  9. problem automaton attack mobs bug mop 5.4.7 The character does not attack mobs unless they attack him 12_jul_2017_14H37.log.html
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hey there, i just created a simple grinding profile i use to level my Alts from 85-90. It also grinds a lot of Meat and the turtles are skinable and provide a lot of Sha-Touched Leather. Enjoy Grinding
  11. I can't figure out if it is possible that spheres are droped under my target only when i press certain hotkey If u dont understand me what do i want, i'm asking if there is a function in this bot that would just act as a macro but place sphere under my target If there is not, is there anything i could use for Healing Spheres
  12. Hello everyone, is it possible to download the complete meshes for Cata WoW / MoP WoW as a zip-File? I found the download link for the 3.3.5a meshes and for WoD but i am not able to find one for 4.3.4 Cata WoW and for MoP WoW. Thank you! Best regards.
  13. Bonjour, Ayant voulu testé le bot sur serveur privé MoP 5.4.8 sur le serveur Wow Freakz, j'ai téléchargé les deux versions 5.4.8 pour privé sur le site. Version 1.2.3 et Version MoP Final Tout les composants nécéssaire sont installé tel que framework etc.. J'utilise une license key : TRIAL afin de tester si cela fonctionnait avec le serveur histoire de ne pas faire un achat inutile. Je lance le jeu, je me connecte, je lance le bot aucun problème jusque là c'est la bonne version du bot. Je remarque que le bot propose une update, je refuse , je lance, et ensuite ça
  14. Version xml


    This is a Profile that starts in Jade forest and goes throughout most of the MOP area. There is a Mailbox in almost every area that it flys through. It doesnt get stuck but if it does Mrobot gets it out easily. I hope you all enjoy
  15. Version 2


    This is a pandaria farming route I have been fine tuning for several months off and on. Original file credit goes to zjxlsmr and her trillium ore route. I have blacklisted most problem areas where it gets hung up or bites off more than it can chew. be sure to set your bot to not farm 210565 (dark soil) and 81054 ( Kafa'Kota Berry). I start right on the backside of shrine and usually ends there. Works for both ore and herbs. Enjoy!
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