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  1. Version 0.0.1


    Clean questing profile for Orcs and Trolls 1-15. This is for higher EXP than normal servers, such as 2x, 3x, etc... This profile does not complete all possible quests, but instead completes quests that won't trip up the bot or take a needlessly long amount of time to do. Things this profile won't do currently Train new spells Do class quests Complete all possible quests
  2. And then loop at the top checked as well? That was easy enough... Lol
  3. Hello, I'm having an issue setting up the Relogger to make sure all instances stay running simultaneously. I've watched the tutorial video and read multiple guides, but they're mainly focused on running one at a time and relogging in to different characters. I'd like to keep 5 characters logged in all the time, and each of the 5 instances has its own wow directory. Help please? Thank you!
  4. Actually already downloaded it but haven't had a chance to use it in Party Mode, as I stopped using Party Mode due to the bots not defending themselves against players.
  5. I appreciate the reply Droidz! I think the main problem is also that I'm playing on Ascension, which has players of the same faction marked as hostile (same as being in Arena), so even on Grinding and Questing modes, they don't attack players who engage them.
  6. Hey there. On the Ascension private servers, world pvp doesn't work because players aren't flagged as a faction, they are flagged as FFA (like in arena). Any way to get the bot to attack players when it's attacked?
  7. Make sure you tick the "Use lua to move" option under the General Settings. Mine was locking up like crazy until I noticed that little gem.
  8. Still haven't been able to figure this out. Died multiple times tonight because the bots don't defend!
  9. Still no luck. Is there really no way to get this done?
  10. I'm trying to fix a huge problem when botting as a group - they don't freaking defend against players... :( Does anyone know how to make the bots in Party Mode attack a player that attacks someone in the group? Any information would be great. Thank you! I made a post in the Party forum here:
  11. Found another post about a similar issue that recommended using Party Command Chat plugin, which I have downloaded. I insert the following command as the post stated: if (wManager.Wow.Helpers.Party.IsInGroup()) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Fight.StartFight(new wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWPlayer(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectByGuid(wManager.Wow.Helpers.Party.GetPartyLeaderGUIDHomeAndInstance()).GetBaseAddress).TargetObject.Guid); } I don't see a difference though. When I turn off Helping Group Members with the code above in Party Command Chat, the bot just follows, does nothing else. Any help on this?
  12. Hey there, Is there an easy way to make the Party Mode setting assist others in the party against players? This is really the only mode that works somewhat well when using multiple bots, but when a player attacks the group, only the bot on quest/grind/whatever tries to kill the player, the partied bots just heal. Would be great if they would actually attack and help the main bot like they do against mobs. Thanks!
  13. Loving the bot, but curious about the following while in party mode. Looks awful and very unplayerlike. Anything from being as simple as a slight randomization to where it's running (random offsets left/right) or as complicated as "following" in the general direction using the mesh would be awesome. Works great but anybody who watches for a minute or two is going to know that the characters following are bots or multiboxers, lol. Appreciate the help regardless.
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