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  1. Wrobot is the best thing ever created in the world, just fascinating.
  2. Hello, It is likely that it will have a security for anyone who stays in the same place doing the same action for hours, I recommend that you use Wrobot's Reloger and create the action "close wow after a few hours" and another action to open it after closed, so this security server will be fooled ...
  3. 1 Try to run everything as administrator permission 2 Disable v-sync 3 Try Update directx
  4. Hello Open the wow, in the logo screen look at the lower left corner, you will see the version and build ... example: 6.66 (28645) Now that you know the correct version go to wrobot downloads and download the correct version:
  5. Hello, Droidz has confirmed that BFA support will be released, but there's no eta ETA yet. Thx.
  6. Please update to version: 8.0.1 (28153) - Private SERVER ( Firestorm ) 🤩🤩
  7. Please update to version: 8.0.1 (28153) - Private SERVER ( Firestorm )
  8. Version 26365


    Use talents (1,2,3,1,1,1,1) Check screenshot. Great profile for PVE, in the future I will post with improvements for PVP. CHECK THE OPTIONS ON FIGHTCLASS, see screenshot 2 !!! Auto Stealth Auto Interrupt (KICK for spells can interrupt and Kidney Shot for all Spells) RECOMMEND DISABLE *Kidney Shot* in PVE, to save combo points. Tell me what you think, did you find any fault? Say it ! I accept rotations and suggestions for improvements.
  9. First the Bot is not a 100% functional and safe program, as already described in the sale, do not want to be banned or at risk? Do not use. But you are using and paying for it, do not complain about banishment in this case, you have full right to ask for a "assistance", but no offense, wrobot support to your customers is great. summarizing: No need to offend.
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