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  1. Version 31478


    Auto spell reflection if pummel is not available for use Auto Pummel (Interrupt), click on the gear next to the wrobot profile and activate Victory Rush -75% HP Victory Rush auto use if buff time left -5s. [2ª secondary Victory] Auto Shield Block 80% HP [Optional]Auto Taunt if the target is not focusing on you, click on the gear next to the wrobot profile and activate In your build stats use: 1º Haste - 2º Versatility - 3º Critical/Mastery ( focus in Haste ) Rotation MDI for DMG and much more ! I didn't add "charge / intercept / he
  2. It really looks like it was fixed, I tested it in several different dg's and different situations and the error didn't happen. 💖
  3. I am currently testing this update. It seems to be working normally, it's been 2 hours and the error doesn't occur.
  4. I have the same error but in dg's and sometimes in the open world, but the error only happens when I inject the wrobot. Detail: It is the same server (firestorm) If you find a solution, tell us how you fixed it.
  5. He is already working on it, note that you can request a certain version for bfa here:
  6. Use this version: http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobot/oldversion/WRobot_7.3.5_26365_final.zip
  7. Good afternoon I tested on the freakz and it worked, try to delete the wow-64 and leave only the 32, do not delete the launchers from the freakz, NEVER inject 2 wrobot in the same session quickly, otherwise you will be banned in the freakz.
  8. Good afternoon, I'm not sure but I think it is not allowed. - It's a personal subscription, you do not have the right to share your key (if you share your key, she will be deleted and your account banned).
  9. You don't have to buy grinder profiles, you can make your own ... Remember to configure your profile correctly before running it, uncheck the options you will not use.
  10. Wrobot is the best thing ever created in the world, just fascinating.
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