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  1. Thank you! 😄 Anoys me how I didn't find this on my own. But hey anyone could need some help at times 😃
  2. I sent this in a PM to Droidz but haven't gotten a reply. And thought perhaps start a discussion on this subject, and perhaps someone agrees. Anyhow, I've read and searched trough the forums & bot options regarding mailing gold to an alt character or to anyone. This is a incredibly important option for botting. For example; my bot runs trough the night. Farms 300 gold then gets banned. That’s a loss of 300 gold which could’ve easily been sent to a bank. My suggestion is an option of amount to force send gold over to a character. Set gold amount example : 50g Overides any profile or rotation and forces bot to search up closest mailbox and send over harvested gold. I recall Honorbuddy had this option and it can save a load of ”wasted hours”. Ofcourse an option to active and not obligatory to run as a lot of profiles could run clean without it. But for farming/grinder bots this is definately a good way to save up farmed RAW gold. Thanks for reading, what what is your thoughts on this matter? 🙂
  3. Leveling grinder bots, I prefer using hunters. An issue I'm batteling right now though, is the feed pet mechanic. I use Ordush's CC, where I have to manually put in whatever food I buy / loot from mobs. I've looked over alternative plugins, but that hasn't helped yet. So, does anyone know how to solve the feed pet issue? Looking for something to automaticly recognize an item in my bag which my hunters can use to feed my pets with. Perhaps with a plugin I haven't heard of? Edit; I'm on 2.4.3 btw.
  4. Are you saying HMP recongnizes what sort of pet my hunter is using and feeds my pet accordingly?
  5. What are the best settings of running a bot from 1-70 using this FC? Currently trying to setup HMP auto purchasing ammo ( currently not working perfectly ) FC currently isn't feeding pet corrently or I got it setup wrong. What's the easiest way to make sure my bot can run for a longer period and switching to different foods?
  6. I did all the steps and bought a proxy. Not sure how to make certain it works though. Any ideas? Like, can you see your IP adress by some ingame command?
    Have been using this for 2 days now. It was released 3 days ago roughly. Can say I had some minor hiccups, but it was quickly resolved in Bambo's discord channel. The bot does quest, if your server is messed up and you don't complete a certain level the profile will grind abit in order to move to next zone. Doesn't matter where in outlands you are, just boot next profile and you're good to go. 5/5 no regrets in using this profile.
  7. Sorry I can't help you on this request. Mind sharing your macros though? 🙂
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