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  1. Ah, alright. I appreciate the reply. Just now while I was making breakfast I had the bright idea to just separate the profile 1-6,6-10, etc and use different trainers in each. I should have thought of this before now...too simple ^_^!
  2. Hello, I'm making a questing profile for Cata, and I'm running in to an issue. My bot, when it needs to train, goes back to the starting area. Is there any way to add a max level to a trainer, or give one trainer preference after a certain level, etc? Thanks, Aloe
  3. Still looking for help with this please. Willing to toss somebody a few bucks via PayPal if they can help me.
  4. I apologize if this has been covered before - I've done a lot of digging around and can't find what I need. It's quite simple, really. I need to create a profile that will do this: 1) Interact with Auctioneer (then post auctions, etc - already have macros set up) 2) Log out , wait some time 3) Enter world 4) Go to Mailbox and retrieve gold 5) Go back to AH and repeat I just need some assistance with the simple things, like walking to the AH, interacting with auctioneer, then walking to and interacting with the mailbox please :). Please let me know if you have any advice - I'm very unfamiliar with WRobot and just don't know where to start. Cheers!
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