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    Kamogli reacted to Marsbar in Fight Class Range   
    Wenn es eine selbst gebaute fightclass vom editor ist kannst du einfach oben links die range aendern. Bei default ist es 5yards, fuer einen hexer wuerde ich es auf 28 erhoehern.
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    Kamogli reacted to Talamin in Fight Class Range   
    Um überhaupt eine Aussage treffen zu können müsstest du schon, wie Kamogli es sagt, mal angeben welche FightClass, welche Plugins, welches Profil etc. du benutzt.
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    Kamogli reacted to Matenia in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    public string FullName() { return _rank != null ? ($"{_name}({RotationSpellbook.RankString} {_rank})") : _name; } public bool IsKnown() { return RotationSpellbook.IsKnown(_name, _rank ?? 1); } Change these lines in RotationSpell. I guess I accidentally messed this up when merging two frameworks.
    If you use Spell.NameInGame instead of _name, it should use the localized name.
    if (spell.Spell.Name == "Shoot" && IsAutoRepeating("Shoot")) { return true; } //IsAutoRepeating should use spell.Name.NameInGame As far as I can tell, everything else already uses the localized name. 
    There is also one more issue with something not localized (shouldn't matter too much):
    // this error is not found through casting or combatlog events because it's caused by the client checking IsSpellInRange when using CastSpellByName // we could technically execute this check ourselves in CombatLogUtil but usually the client-side range check (memory based GetDistance) is enough) and cheaper! // therefore we're listening to error messages and executing this check lazily if (id == "UI_ERROR_MESSAGE" && (args[0] == "Out of range." || args[0] == "You are too far away!")) { RotationSpellVerifier.ClearIfOutOfRange(); } Also this should probably be reworked or use the non-Lua wRobot option:
    public static bool CastingSpell(this WoWUnit unit, params string[] names) { return RotationCombatUtil.ExecuteActionOnUnit(unit, (luaUnitId) => { string luaString = [email protected]" local isCastingSpell = false; local name = UnitCastingInfo(""{luaUnitId}"") if {LuaOrCondition(names, "name")} then isCastingSpell = true end return isCastingSpell;"; return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(luaString); }); }  
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    Kamogli reacted to Talamin in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    I am using Matenias Framework and it´s running really fast. Some decisions take 200ms to be made, but this is due the complex Rotations. 
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    Kamogli reacted to Ordush in need help with tbc bot   
    That is exactly what is happening yes.
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    Kamogli got a reaction from TheSmokie in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    Legend! ?
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    Kamogli reacted to Marsbar in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    Great contribution. Clearly a lot of work went into this.
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    Kamogli reacted to Matenia in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    If you've seen my 1.12 fightclass framework, this is basically the much enhanced version.
    It should work for WoW 2.4.3 and 3.3.5a, possibly many more expansions. The only thing you would have to do is adjust the way combatlog events are parsed, if paramters have changed in your expansion. Everything else should be handled by wRobot. 

    Below you can find the GitHub repository. It also contains a very simple enhancement shaman fightclass as an example that you could change to fit your own needs.
    This is for developers only. If you're a regular user, I recommend just buying my fightclasses. They are, in my opinion, fairly priced.

    - checks with server if a spell was successful
    - support for different types of spells 
    - no more double casts of any sort (heals, debuffs, damage)
    - possibility to ignore server responses
    - easy offtarget handling
    - performant caching and rotation handling
    - possibility to use as a healing framework
    - support for wanding
    - multilanguage support
    - dispel by debuff type

    @Droidz would be nice if you could sticky/pin this thread
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    Kamogli reacted to Ordush in The proxy and you   
    Hello all!
    There are so many people here having issues with using proxies with WRobot.
    I'm going to write a thorough guide here, that will get you set up.

    Why use proxy?
    This subject has been discussed a lot.
    A proxy will not make it, so you are not banned. It will make sure that WHEN you are banned, only the char using that proxy is banned.
    I am using "WHEN" because, you will always get banned at least once if you use bots.
    What proxies are there?
    There are many kinds of proxies, but the most common are HTTP & Socks5.
    HTTP: A HTTP proxy will ONLY handle HTTP traffic, this is where many people go wrong with wow. use a socks proxy.
    Proxy Software:
    I am personally using ProxyCap, it's easy to set up and it has a simple interface.
    Proxy Addresses:
    I suggest getting a paid proxy. There are many sites out there to get proxies.
    Using a free one, has a bigger chance of getting you banned. Try and get a private, and you will be good.
    Proxies For You is what i use.
    1. Open your wow folder.
    2. Copy Paste your WoW.exe and rename it to something WoW.exe (I.e. "1 WoW.exe") Make sure that your filename ends with WoW.exe (Most bots and programs will look for WoW.exe, so if you call it "WoW 1.exe" then it won't recognize it.)

    1. Install ProxyCap  & Restart your PC when prompted.
    2. Right Click the ProxyCap Icon and click Configuration

    3. Click on Proxies to the left (under RuleSet)
    4. Click the "New Proxy Server" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.

    5. Give it a Display Name: I recommend using this syntax: Country X. (I.e. London 1)
    6. Make sure type is set to Socks5 (should be standard).
    7. Write your IP address in Hostname (I.e. <- This is localhost, don't use that lol..
    8. Write your port: (I.e. 27015) <- Guess a game..
    9. If you have locked your IP with a username and password, Enable "Proxy requires authentication" and write in username and password.

    10. Click OK
    11. Click on Rules to the left (under RuleSet)
    12. Click the "Quick Add Rule" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.

    13. Make sure Rule Action says "Redirect through proxy".
    14. Click on (Default) under proxy and choose your newly made proxy from before
    15. Click on Specify under Program
    16. Click the three dots ... To the right of the box under Specify and select your new wow.exe file (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")
    17. Under Transports Check TCP and UDP.
    18. Give it a name under Rule Name. I suggest using your wow name here.  (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")

    19. Click OK
    20. Profit
    If you start your game through that exe file it will run through proxy.
    A nice way to check if it works, is by replacing your IP in Proxies with something random.
    Try to connect to a server, if it does not connect with a random IP address that is not working, it will not get a connection. This means the exe file is running through proxy.
    Another way is by double clicking Proxy Cap icon. If your game is in the list, you know that it's going through a proxy.

    This way works with Relogger!
     In your relogger under Tasks, click add and choose ChangeWoWPath and change your Path to Wow: so it fits with your new proxied wow file.

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    Kamogli got a reaction from Energia in [SUNWELL] Insane detection system/incredibly active GMs?   
    I was part of that group - tank was played manually and without wRobot for two hours, 3 DDs followed in a party as Healers and DD (bots). Those 3 were named and called out by the GM, who joined Monastery and warned us. All of the related accounts were only ever used in Dungeons from Level 15 on over the course of weeks without issues. As of the patch you applied end of last year, detection was over. GM now said "Stop using that software" - seems like wRobot is again detected on Sunwell since only a couple of days again
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    Kamogli got a reaction from Energia in Bot does not eat or drink   
    Same issue here. seemingly out of nowhere ... ? HMP would even try to force regen state, but it wouldn't budge
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    Kamogli reacted to Talamin in Calling for developers and testers   
    We have enough space on our Discord for new Developers. So if someone wants to join on the Project, just follow Zeros Link :-)
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    Kamogli got a reaction from Tom1101 in Botting for classic   
    Ricky, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that much has been established ?
    Do yourself a favor and crawl back into the hole you came from
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    Kamogli reacted to Droidz in Following: The begining of the end of WRobot for official servers   
    Following the "The begining of the end of WRobot for official servers" , I'll stop to sell subscriptions of WRobot for official servers the 24 June 2018, and I'll remove and stop support of this version the 24 July 2018 (or before if blizz release the BfA pre-patch earlier).
    This don't affected versions of WRobot for private servers.
    Kind regards
    EDIT: Subscriptions removed from the store ?

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    Kamogli reacted to Zer0 in Calling for developers and testers   
    I absolutely encourage the project members to set up their own individual donation system. Now if you're referring to a shared account for the entire project, I don't think I'll do that for several reasons. First, we're just a few for now, and it doesn't make much sense. But for the sake of argument, let's say we do. How do you redistribute the money fairly? What do you invest in so everyone is happy? What happens when someone leaves? I'm not too keen on involving money in the process. I know too well what happens in this type of situation and I'd rather avoid the headache.
    That's why I make it clear from the beginning that anyone joining us won't be in for the money. Also, if we're being realistic, 99% of users will just use our product without leaving any feedback, or even knowing our existence, let alone donate money.
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    Kamogli reacted to Zer0 in Calling for developers and testers   
    An All-In-One Fightclass for TBC has been released. 9 classes included, 1-70. Enjoy.
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    Kamogli reacted to Droidz in Wrobot stopped working !   
    Yes problem is resolved, I added two days to all active subscriptions.
    Sorry again for the inconvenience.
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    Kamogli reacted to Matenia in Wrobot stopped working !   
    It's the forum/website software he uses, which our licenses are validated by. For some reason they must've broken his authentication mechanism or just messed with licenses.
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    Kamogli reacted to Bigmac in Calling for developers and testers   
    thats a 2015 Video of an addon (WoD) that was released end of 2014 i therefore say you compare bananas with apples.
    Honorbuddy was so hugely used and therefore got so much attention, bcs. it was used on a live server from Blizzard.
    Now this here (wRobot) is used on several privat servers nowadays, with a much smaller userbase, plus they are all not connected with each other.
    And the argument of destroying the bot because of massive users will begin to use it is so much nonsense, its a privat server bot now omg! All Servers wont be flooded by wrobot users now...
    That there is a "movement" created that intends to put something free out there, so people can use it out of the box, just shows there is the need in the community and we are all part of that community.
    People don't want to spend 100 euros to have all plugins, good fight classes, and profiles for all the addons and then the bot is kinda feature complete, without behaving like a dumb nut.
    Sure that is against the interest of: Mass bot users making money with level services and grinding and gold sellers and the money makers creating paid content, so how can anyone expect to get positive feedback here if these will commend xD All these will suffer except the paid content creators, they will "just" have to improve their stuff, which again is only good for the users.
    I support this move: thumbs up for "Project Wholesome"!
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    Kamogli reacted to Droidz in Calling for developers and testers   
    Hi, I do not see any problem doing that, I have tried several times unsuccessfully. Do not hesitate to publish files here https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/4129-wrobot-base-package-github/?tab=comments#comment-19151
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    Kamogli reacted to Marsbar in Calling for developers and testers   
    No it isn't.. don't be silly. Premium products will also stay a thing. This is just so that people have something to use rather than having to fork out more money on products they can't be sure even work properly.
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    Kamogli reacted to Zer0 in Calling for developers and testers   
    I'm not going to argue with you. I'm leaving the decision to Droidz. If he thinks we are the threat you think we are, he can ban us from releasing anything free. I'll accept that and move on.
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    Kamogli reacted to Zer0 in Calling for developers and testers   
    Due to the lack of free available third party products in the store (plugins, fight classes, grinders, questers), I have decided to gather developers and testers under an umbrella project called "Project Wholesome".
    The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project will be transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. I insist on the fact that not a single line of code released under Project Wholesome  will be sold for profit. We already have a few people working together on fight classes and on profile creation.
    Developers : You want to help the community grow and participate in providing quality products or you want to learn how to create plugins, fight classes and profiles. You are willing to share your knowledge and your code to others. You are aware that you are not in for the money. You will take testers' feedback into account to polish your product. Once you finish a product, you will release it for free in the store, although you can call for donations on the product page. 
    Testers : You will have access to unfinished/beta products from our team under the condition that you provide active feedback through bug reports in the discord channel. You are willing to treat developers with respect and patience, keeping in mind that they are providing a service for free.
    Project Wholesome is all about trust, and keeping wRobot alive. We start small, setting realistic goals, but we intend to create a momentum and keep it growing as much as possible. If you are interested, feel free to join our channel.

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    Kamogli reacted to Droidz in Happy new year 2019!   
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    Kamogli reacted to Zan in Will this work for Wow Classic?   
    Private servers only.
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