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    path finding not working

    I encountered the same bug just yesterday and today again. It seems something in WRobot gets screwed now, i use the same profile, Fightclass and Settings, just after a fresh Reinstallation of a new WRobot it starts working again. To me it looks, like when you don't have the "Pathfinder" option enabled, the bot just runs straight to the next point, like it doesn't have any knowledge of meshes / obstacles running into objects like trees, mountains etc. just in a straight line -.- I encounter this problem with TBC Wrobot version btw.
  2. yet I do not have an answer or a tip of how to solve this? Would it be possible if one would create a product? Would that allow at a deeper level to avoid WRobots "own" regeneration to interrupt the fightclass logic?
  3. It's logical, i did not run any update for my WRobot client, the error message has to be related to whatever is running on his server related to the auth. process. Therefore nobody from us will be able to find a "solution" or "workaround". Patience is a virtue xD
  4. Hi, thats a 2015 Video of an addon (WoD) that was released end of 2014 i therefore say you compare bananas with apples. Honorbuddy was so hugely used and therefore got so much attention, bcs. it was used on a live server from Blizzard. Now this here (wRobot) is used on several privat servers nowadays, with a much smaller userbase, plus they are all not connected with each other. And the argument of destroying the bot because of massive users will begin to use it is so much nonsense, its a privat server bot now omg! All Servers wont be flooded by wrobot users now... That there is a "movement" created that intends to put something free out there, so people can use it out of the box, just shows there is the need in the community and we are all part of that community. People don't want to spend 100 euros to have all plugins, good fight classes, and profiles for all the addons and then the bot is kinda feature complete, without behaving like a dumb nut. Sure that is against the interest of: Mass bot users making money with level services and grinding and gold sellers and the money makers creating paid content, so how can anyone expect to get positive feedback here if these will commend xD All these will suffer except the paid content creators, they will "just" have to improve their stuff, which again is only good for the users. I support this move: thumbs up for "Project Wholesome"! cheers,
  5. I know that has been mentioned before, but wont help in this scenario. WRobots own regeneration will still interrupt the fightclass, and the unclean solution of writing a regeneration within a fight class is prone to failure and also not clean, Wrobots own regeneration should be able to handle that but just according to the right circumstances ?
  6. That will work, but is not answering my question as described above "regeneration" from WRobot is interrupting the Fight Class, and i want to know if there is a way of avoiding that. I personally dont like my bot to eat after every mob or every 2nd mob (at 50% life), which player does that? That's bot like, sure its safe but its making you more suspicious of being a bot user.
  7. Hello, does anyone know how i can prevent the resting to "break" the fight class? Example: When i have a rogue fight class that uses constantly stealth, it will enter stealth after a combat, but if the character is low life, he will begin to eat, therefore stealth will break and the bot is visible to mobs (therefore the risk of pulling mobs around). How is it possible to avoid this? Better would be bot finishes the fight, recognizes he is low, eats, and then uses stealth (less aggro range) while he is eating, besides not being seen for the other faction to kill the bot ;( Please help me ?
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