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  1. is there a way to convert a quest profile to a grinder profile or take the path from one profile and use it in another? i want too convert a firelands quest profile to a full grinder one as im walking past (some time straight thru) mobs and not attacking them
  2. j9000

    path finding not working

    i dont believe this i log in today and its working normally again, i dont know what changed im sorry for bothering you, you can close this ticket sorry ?
  3. j9000

    path finding not working

    i noticed that more then not finding a path it just force run straight
  4. j9000

    path finding not working

    it wasn't mixed it just flys into the wall and got stuck it the ground. and i did try reinstalling it
  5. j9000

    path finding not working

    its was set for Gatherer btw
  6. j9000

    path finding not working

    yes it just keeps running/flying straight till it hits a wall but now it seem to be throwing a pathfinding error my way [N] 10:16:50.153 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -6558.155 ; -2287.32 ; 292.8901 ; "Flying" to -6580.02 ; -2230.78 ; 284.108 ; "None" (Azeroth) [N] 10:16:51.453 - [Server] [Path-Finding] Partial result: -6558,155 ; -2287,32 ; 292,8901 ; "None" (Azeroth_36,28873_44,29654) to -6580,02 ; -2230,78 ; 284,108 ; "None" (Azeroth_36,18271_44,33754) [N] 10:16:51.453 - [Server] [Path-Finding] Not found usable Off-mesh connection. [N] 10:16:51.453 - [Server] [Path-Finding] Partial result, add path end to last found pos. [N] 10:16:51.453 - [Server] [Path-Finding] -6558.155, -2287.32, 292.8901 to -6580.02, -2230.78, 284.108 (Azeroth, ResultPartial=True, ResultSuccess=True, Path count=9, SkipIfPartiel=False, IgnoreServerRoadsWater=False, Time=371 [N] 10:16:51.455 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 9 (87.7779y, 1300ms) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True)
  7. today when i log in i noticed the path finding not working, be it quest, grind , or automate. it still attackes mobs but will not turn to them and will just run forward from the point it is started. i have tryed reinstalling wrobot, turning off addons, different profiles. this only stared today, was working fine last night dose not really say anything in logs till it hits a wall
  8. thx, it sort of works doing a sort of half jump while still mounted tho lol. i need it to land, demount and do a full jump. maybe is there a way to add delay to what was posted?
  9. is there a way to make my toon demount and then jump when it lands on a mining node, i have a demount plugin just don't know how to edit it and i know there is a random jump thing in options but i need it to land, demount, jump, and then try to mine. here is the plugin i use to demount currently DeMountt.cs
  10. 1. if i get "WRobot - 1 session" can i use it for both BfA and Legion ( separately of course ) 2. does WRobot work with 64-bit BfA (i know there was a problem in the past with 64 bit) 3. will the older profiles work with BfA (i imagen they would as long as its not using the new content) sorry if this was covered i was in a bit of a rush looking over things
  11. hello still kind new here is there a option or plugin that will reset a raid intense or change it from 10 to 25 and back? i am farming Firelands and the plugin I have only resets the dungeons. :Edit now realize this is in wrong forum sorry ?
  12. how do i get this to act like a grinder? im walking past some mobs even with attack first on
  13. this works great but some of the quest are locked behind each other, is there a way to rearrange the quest order other the disabling them and re enabling them?
  14. hi new here im having the same problem, uhh can i get the answer in basic English lol (i see the code just dont know what to do with it)
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