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Bot does not eat or drink


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So i've been a Wrobot user for a long time, and all of a sudden my bots stopped eating and drinking, i simply thought it bugged out, so i did a fresh install without any plugins or anything. Still it wont use food or drinks! None of my rogue, priest or shaman does it. Both use drink and eat is enabled and everything is as it should be.


The bot does not even go into ''Regeneration'' state like it would if using eat or drink would not be enabled.


Any suggestions?

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I would like to join to @OliZ and also report a drinking problem. It stopped working couple days ago I think, maybe weeks? At the beginning I thought that it's because of the profiles I used but I run some tests like:
- with / without plugins
- tried many different questing profiles and even another products like automation
- different fightclasses
- many different wrobot setups
- tested on many different classes / races


So here it is an example of settings I used. I think I've tried everything...
And here is my log.
Please help @Droidz!

18 sty 2020 17H27.log.html

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Ok so after loooong time of tests I figured it out that the problem is profile related. I added that line of code at the beginning of quester profile: ``` wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked = true ```

Without it the bot regeneration state works fine! But I am asking myself: how this can interfere with regen at all @Droidz?

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