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    OliZ got a reaction from Mortis123 in Bot does not eat or drink   
    So i've been a Wrobot user for a long time, and all of a sudden my bots stopped eating and drinking, i simply thought it bugged out, so i did a fresh install without any plugins or anything. Still it wont use food or drinks! None of my rogue, priest or shaman does it. Both use drink and eat is enabled and everything is as it should be.
    The bot does not even go into ''Regeneration'' state like it would if using eat or drink would not be enabled.
    Any suggestions?
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    OliZ reacted to Mike Mail in Release wow servers.   
    It will be coming with in the next few following weeks.  Just a heads up this server won't be monitored unless a quest is bugged and I'll fix the problem
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    OliZ reacted to Mike Mail in Release wow servers.   
    In the upcoming weeks (2-3) ill be release (Patch 1.1.2, 2.4.3, 3.3.5a) for people to use to build profiles and find new exploits.
    it will be up for 24/7 and ill make a easy website for people to be able to make account and to use. 
    Reason i am doing this is so people do not get banned while making a profile, and help everyone with there creativity.
    Install info :
    2.6 Cpu
    32 Gb of ram, 
    1 Gigbit Upload data.
    Hosting in the USA will be using a vpn via dns for the server to stay say with stand alone server restarts if server crashes.
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    OliZ reacted to Droidz in Update Status - Patch 7.3.5 Build 25961   
    Update in progress
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    OliZ reacted to Lemke in Resto druid bg fightclass.   
    Hello,im using wrobot fightclass on dps chars,but now trying to do in healer pvp,i have the fightclass druid resto,but dont know how to use it,if just wrotation,party,battlegrounder?
    I need to target manually my allies?I dont want to bot following my allies automatic.
    Thanks in advance guys.
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