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  1. id add a wait time, this will spam interact with the ah person.
  2. Mike Mail

    Pve Raid Warrior/PvP

    Why not make your own?
  3. Mike Mail

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Can we have this stupid fourm post lock already? its a bunch of bullshit. @Droidz or @BetterSister I mean, yes people are getting banned for there mistakes. case closed.
  4. Mike Mail

    Randomized Questing?

    Bad idea, for grinder maybe but not quests. doing that for quests is close to impossable because unless your playing wotlk or up. there isnt a lot of quests per level so even if you wear to randomizs it , what other quests would you put in place?
  5. Mike Mail

    Change the order ID manually?!

    Maybe PM's the people you bought the Plugin + fighclasses from and speak to them.
  6. Kinda funny that the cracked copy of wrobot gets people insta banned.
  7. Shadow priest can refleft? i can write you some lua code for it to work
  8. Mike Mail


    Yes, You can. its easy. search the fourms for a guide.
  9. @BetterSister and i are working on it but progress is slow because lack of free time.
  10. Mike Mail

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    Also there is a teleport and speed hack that works for warmane but the seller is selling it for around 200 USD.
  11. Mike Mail

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    You're right, but if they can make a insta ban for speedhacks + teleports then it they must of made a way to ban botters faster. if they found a way to ban all botters the cap at 12k will go own to 10500 players give or take.
  12. Mike Mail

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    @Ordush Doesnt play warmane, he is mainly TBC from what i see with his fightclasses. ill answer the hole if wrobot is detected on warmane. it is NOT detected. people be saying "oh they wait 24 hours" is some bullshit. i have botted 2 toons to 80 with in 2 weeks slowly and didnt get banned. The reason people are getting banned is because Warmane is keeping a eye on for players that use sharp turns and are online for 24 / 7. "ITS NOT DETECTED." Even if they was to wait a hole 24 hours before baning doesnt mean they detected, it means they looking for botters, warmane "Might" be paying people to keep a eye out for botters but they are unable to detected it because of the fact they would need to add custiom "MPQ" files to there clients. if you think warmane cares about banned people 24 hours later then you are mistake. if you are a botter they will ban you right on the spot with no questions. Please reframe from posting stuff about warmane unless you know for a 100% its detected. Meaning behind both detected and not detected : Detected : Insta Ban once you log in and attach Wrobot. Report : being banned hours after you are botting.
  13. Mike Mail

    Delete item

    /run for bag=0,4,1 do for slot=1,36,1 do local name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot);if (name and string.find(name,"Item1")) or (name and string.find(name,"Item2")) then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot);DeleteCursorItem();end;end;end
  14. Mike Mail

    Delete item

    Most people use Wow Lua code to make scripts. give me a moment, ill make you something.
  15. Mike Mail

    Delete item

    Make a delete code.