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  1. willing to do gold refuned once i log to farm it. if want i can give a holy pally with 3 bis items as a replacement for the gold. icecrown holy pally.
  2. now to everyone , also count my mother for spamming my phone, i am heading to sleep Night.
  3. if you look at how often i log wrobot, i think ive log one for 30 mins in the last 10 months tbh. i havent touch wow in almost 8 months , done a raid in idk how long LOL
  4. I can also refund the 70,000g on warmane also.
  5. Because i am barely around to really work on anything . here the death Knight profile , that is half way completed. enjoy @everyone DeathKnight Starter Beta. (1).xml
  6. Ill be willing to test if you would like. i have nothing to do this weekend.
  7. No. Sorry it’s been snowing and raining and I’ve been working.
  8. You dont beed to nag him , just send him and single message.
  9. Reach out to @Droidz,He might be able to get you a free 3 day pass.
  10. Hello, sorry havent log in here for a week or two, everything is almost done other then hard fixes . i am wanting to make it 100% afk but i do not have the time right now to completely put my time into it., as people know i have a daughter and a wife. i have been working every single day. @Droidz can look at last time i log into wrobot on the bot and tell everyone the truth, i am not a scammer but i am a very busy person. give me a week or so and ill try to finish it complete. idk if it will be 100% afk but ill get it out for people to use. again i am deeply sorry to everyone.
  11. Yes, i am sure everyone here with half a brain know. the others who are comment that wrobot is detected by warmane are idoits who dont know what they are doing.
  12. id add a wait time, this will spam interact with the ah person.
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