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  1. Mike Mail

    Undetected PQR wotlk

  2. Should be able to use Lua to fix this problem.
  3. Mike Mail

    Error when editing "is complete condition"

    Can you Link the profile,
  4. Mike Mail

    Story of scamer -Mike-Mail

    No. Sorry it’s been snowing and raining and I’ve been working.
  5. Mike Mail

    3 day pass

    You dont beed to nag him , just send him and single message.
  6. Mike Mail

    3 day pass

    Reach out to @Droidz,He might be able to get you a free 3 day pass.
  7. Mike Mail

    Story of scamer -Mike-Mail

    Hello, sorry havent log in here for a week or two, everything is almost done other then hard fixes . i am wanting to make it 100% afk but i do not have the time right now to completely put my time into it., as people know i have a daughter and a wife. i have been working every single day. @Droidz can look at last time i log into wrobot on the bot and tell everyone the truth, i am not a scammer but i am a very busy person. give me a week or so and ill try to finish it complete. idk if it will be 100% afk but ill get it out for people to use. again i am deeply sorry to everyone.
  8. Yes, i am sure everyone here with half a brain know. the others who are comment that wrobot is detected by warmane are idoits who dont know what they are doing.
  9. id add a wait time, this will spam interact with the ah person.
  10. Mike Mail

    Pve Raid Warrior/PvP

    Why not make your own?
  11. Mike Mail

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Can we have this stupid fourm post lock already? its a bunch of bullshit. @Droidz or @BetterSister I mean, yes people are getting banned for there mistakes. case closed.
  12. Mike Mail

    Randomized Questing?

    Bad idea, for grinder maybe but not quests. doing that for quests is close to impossable because unless your playing wotlk or up. there isnt a lot of quests per level so even if you wear to randomizs it , what other quests would you put in place?
  13. Mike Mail

    Change the order ID manually?!

    Maybe PM's the people you bought the Plugin + fighclasses from and speak to them.
  14. Kinda funny that the cracked copy of wrobot gets people insta banned.
  15. Shadow priest can refleft? i can write you some lua code for it to work