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  1. Hi friends, help please solve the problem: In my profile, in one of the steps, the condition is specified: the last waypoint, how to add a condition for break the same step: a change of location? those. Basic break step: last waypoin, 2nd: location change. sorry for my eng.
  2. And in what file can this be changed? or is it possible to specify via runcode?
  3. hi all, anyone know where to configure from how many broken items to run to npc Repair? Hands and Waist broken, and he is dont go repair, after I break another item, he goes to be repaired.
  4. Miragex01

    The Botanica farm

    hi all, has anyone met the problem of instant resurrection?? After the death of dungeon Botanica, the character is resurrected without entering the dungeon and not running the dungeon to continue the route, and the location of the Hellfire Peninsula how to fix this? please help me т.т
  5. Miragex01

    if and while

    hi all, please tell me how to check the zone in the parameter? if or while
  6. Miragex01

    Dungeon farm

    can anyone provide an example of using if and while? or explain how do I do that? can with a test on location?
  7. Miragex01

    Dungeon farm

    or there needs to be a cycle in which the condition and the steps?
  8. Miragex01

    Dungeon farm

    This dungeon resurrection zone does not require an entrance to the dungeon. it is possible in the profile to do this if the character dies = go step one? Please help me
  9. Miragex01

    Dungeon farm

    HI all please help me After death, the character does not go to continue the dungeon, and runs to the location Hellfire Peninsula. Why is he running there? why not continue the dungeon? 18 окт 2018 16H39.log.html
  10. Can I create a dungeon pass profile? Reset CD and on a new if Yes - please tell us, or video
  11. Miragex01


    hi all, tell me please as ignore certain deposits, suppose not to collect copper, but to collect tin? Is that possible?
  12. Hi all tell me pelase, it is possible to set up an alert when an outsider interacts with me?
  13. can u tell me where off autodownload vendor setting please
  14. Hello, tell me how to get the bot to repair/sell the item, buy food only from those vendors/Repairers / Sellers which I specify in the profile?