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  1. I share the solution of the problem - you need to turn off the discord )) gl all /close please
  2. After login in the server by relloger i see this WTF???? How fix ???
  3. I apologize if I duplicate, trying to seek help,tell me how to get a character to buy common things from a weapon / armor seller. Is it possible to create checkpoints in the quester profile? of things, if missing # lvl then buy
  4. Hi all! :3 Has anyone done a profile with a transition from Azerot on the airship to Kalimdor
  5. Hi all, tell me how to implement auto-equipment items during leveling? ty
  6. sorry my english is terrible. can I make it so that after interacting with a player of another faction - my character would get up after # of hours
  7. hi all, how create only one function for fight? i wanna if enemyarenaplayer use Tremortotem my pet go autoattack him ? it's possible to relize ?(im control my char dmg/way)
  8. hi all, tell me please how can create setting : if enemy players attack my char - char go afk 10000 hour? only after attack, ty ❤️
  9. Hi friends, help please solve the problem: In my profile, in one of the steps, the condition is specified: the last waypoint, how to add a condition for break the same step: a change of location? those. Basic break step: last waypoin, 2nd: location change. sorry for my eng.
  10. And in what file can this be changed? or is it possible to specify via runcode?
  11. hi all, anyone know where to configure from how many broken items to run to npc Repair? Hands and Waist broken, and he is dont go repair, after I break another item, he goes to be repaired.
  12. hi all, has anyone met the problem of instant resurrection?? After the death of dungeon Botanica, the character is resurrected without entering the dungeon and not running the dungeon to continue the route, and the location of the Hellfire Peninsula how to fix this? please help me т.т
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