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  1. How to get talent points to get a level?
  2. hi all, tell me lua script or C # code for object interaction.
  3. Can I configure wrobot as a pvp assistant? that is, it performs a specific action, for example: interrupts the pronouncing of an enemy. In addition to this action WROBOT does nothing, that is - I fully play
  4. Thank you so much, very helpful
  5. code for use game object, lua or c# . I really need the code that will force you to click on the object.
  6. WOTLK, u speak me??? NPC = INKEEPER, after intecat he is gives such a window. Need choise "Let me browse you goods."
  7. sorry in my situation, your code does not work as I need
  8. u dont speak my problem.... He is dont buy item because hi is npc = INKEEPER!!!!! need code : which after inrtecat will choose: 2.Let me browse your goods
  9. u speak me? he is interact npc and dont buy item because SELCT WINDOW THIS IS NPC 1.Make this inn your home 2.Let me browse your goods 3.What can i do at an inn? if the NPC was the only vendor code worked
  10. thanks, but, there is no solution to my problem, he comes into the choice of dialogue and nothing -_-
  11. How to talk to Inkeeper to buy an item from me? He has: 1.Make this inn your home 2.Let me browse your goods 3.What can i do at an inn? How to choose 2? and after buy the item
  12. I share the solution of the problem - you need to turn off the discord )) gl all /close please
  13. After login in the server by relloger i see this WTF???? How fix ???
  14. I apologize if I duplicate, trying to seek help,tell me how to get a character to buy common things from a weapon / armor seller. Is it possible to create checkpoints in the quester profile? of things, if missing # lvl then buy
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