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  1. can not explain Is it difficult to modify the program to the default of 100 times?
  2. All window startup prefixes have been added to the cryptographic modification function xx=50000 but not working The default cipher of the program is XX=10. It means no modification! Why is there such a default setting? What is the use? Forced to close the window 10 times by the advertising robot cipher? ?
  3. This function does not work. It is forced to close the window 10 times by the robot secret language. wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfWhisperBiggerOrEgalAt = 5000;
  4. How to use something like this at startup: wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.XXXXXXXXX The function closes the automatic join NPC option, as shown in the following figure 4 options
  5. How do I just use my own script to join an NPC? wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = false; Does not work!
  6. 1. How to turn off picking at the specified level. 2. How to add a fix to the Trainer NPC using only the script file. The masking script has all NPCs because it always goes wrong. Very headache 3.The last question, the character in the picture below has only one backpack, but there is a small backpack in the backpack. How do you equip this character with a backpack slot? If the role can be met, only the read script stores all NPCs that meet the criteria (repair or sale, trainer) and calculates the closest to the role. Instead of reading NPCs for all databases, that's always an error! In the picture below, this character has been standing for an hour at this sale NPC that only a warlock can use. And I don't know how this NPC is added to the script.
  7. Jìnéng xùnliàn shī cházhǎo fāngshì jiǎoběn shè dìngle liǎng gè xùnliàn shī A chù shì xuéxí xīnshǒu cūn de xùnliàn shī,1-6 děngjí gāi chù xuéxí, B chù shì 6-30 děngjí de jìnéng xùnliàn shī tú A xiànzài de wèntí shì juésè děngjí 1 tíshēng dào děngjí 2 jiù zhíjiē qùle gāo děngjí de xùnliàn shī, ránhòu zài lùshàng bèi gāo děngjí de guàiwù wúxiàn jī shā, wèntí: Qǐngwèn zhège cházhǎo jìnéng xùnliàn shī de fāngshì shì zhème jìsuàn de? Rúguǒ àn juésè de 3D jùlí, kěndìng shì juésè huì qù xúnzhǎo jùlí jiào jìn de dī děngjí xùnliàn shī?? Ránhòu xiànshí bìng bùshì? Qiújiě, 展开 186/5000 Skill trainer search method The script sets up two trainers A is a trainer who studies the novice village, and is studying at the 1-6 level. B is a 6-30 level skill trainer. Figure A The problem now is that the character level 1 is raised to level 2 and goes directly to the high level trainer, and then the road is infinitely killed by the high level monster. Question: Is this way of finding a skill trainer calculated this way? If you follow the 3D distance of the character, is it true that the character will look for a lower-level trainer with a closer distance? ? Then the reality is not? Solve,
  8. After the role is upgraded, some professions can automatically go back to find professional trainers to learn new skills, while some professions will not go back to learning skills. The reason for this problem is because local documents do not join the professional trainer for reasons? So how do I join a professional trainer NPC to a local file?
  9. The new character has just started to upgrade. There is no gold coin, and it is very easy to die and endure. At this time, there will be no gold coins in the repair window. //So join one when the character starts to repair and find that the gold coins are not enough to continue to go back to fight how to do it, It’s so funny to read the repairer all the time.
  10. Did I find that my previously purchased private server (unlimited subscription) was modified to be a private server (10 windows)? Private server (unlimited subscription) options disappeared and the price is already more expensive
  11. Ask everybody to swear, I would like to use a ground object how to use the program to write code, such as the attachment of this transfer ball ID (14526), I want to use it right. Please advise wManager.wManagerSetting.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. How to mail money while mailing goods?
  13. Why can only find the option of mailing goods, but can not mail gold it? Best to join / pay / mail items + gold. (Keep the custom amount for repair) For example, 10G mailing 9G, the remaining 1G, Oh
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