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  1. Im also using automation with "ignore PVP" in advance setting. So, for my horde bot, it never attacks the alliance first. If the alliance attacks my bot, the bot will fight back within melee range, but once the alliance leaves the bot for a while, the bot will resume grinding the mobs.
  2. try "melee debugger" in plug-in section, it works for me. Its perfect for warrior/rogue, but don't activate it on your enchant Shaman or Druid, it will always interrupt the healing action.
  3. check your login error windows, if "closed and no longer to use" = perm ban; if "suspended" = temp ban
  4. Same here, it becomes very hard to continue afk-botting since 40 lvl on Elysium. Here is what I heard about: 1. they don't care botting 1-40 (or just not enough staff to handle that) 2. they have a senior GM who will summarize the reports and generate a list of bot watching list (like bot name1, 15 reports; bot name2, 12 reports, etc..) every certain hours, then they will check those suspicious bots regularly. once caught, you will get per ban. 3. they also have an automatically generated list , in terms of gold loot/leveling up/playing hours (and other parameters), for instance, in the gold loot list, the first guy looted 10000g in the past 12 hours, second guy looted 1000 gold, etc, then GM will definitely check the 1st guy`s source of gold. Same rules for leveling up, like 20 levels in the past 12 hours is not normally, etc... 4. all the 40+ lvl maps get much more attentions since, not only GMs can just massacre the bots like no mercy, but also they can also protect the main ore/herbs from gathering by bots. so, all in all, suggestion for 40 lvl+ is: babysitting, avoid ppl, don't level too fast, don't receive too much gold, don't play 24/7 and don't play on weekends.
  5. I bot like more than 15 accounts on Elysium on both sides. Well, several 40+ lvl get caught, but so far, majority (70%) still survives. I don't think they can detect the bot, I never lose any bots when Im babysitting them. I lost them when I am sleeping and left the bots unattended for more than 6 hours overnight. But I have to agree that they are stricter against the bots with lvl 40+, compared to lvl 40-. I only got 30days suspension on my lvl 26 shaman and a "let you go" on my level 24 priest, but several permanent bans on my lvl 40+ characters, after I was caught botting alive.
  6. Hi Eeny, So for the new version, I should just re-download the file from the previous purchased link of a email from sellfy? Sorry, I'm new here, and recently bought your alliance/horde grinding profile and 1-35 quester profile. and I really like them, safe and efficient botting!
  7. On discord, someone mentioned that change your ip address, and it will resume working. it works for me. try it.
  8. I got same message this morning: ""Wrobot's server seems to be down,you may try to disable your Anti-virus or Firewall and try again. Note: This version may have been blocked from our servers due to a suspect game activity or crack attempt, you can check if new version is available on our Website or check our foruma in News cat"" Working flawlessly yesterday, and seems relogger trying to re-log in the wrobot from time to time since this morning, but was kept blocked. New Wrobot (installed yesterday, since i reinstalled Windows yesterday on my botting laptop).
    So far so good, this profile will not only level, but also do some class quests. An a real "AFK-able" quester, 5/5 ! Wish we can get/buy the lvl 35+ quester soon.
  9. I heard that they have GMs from all over the world, which means if you are reported then there is always a available GM who can come to check. But there are many junior GMs whose rank is not high enough to ban the bot, and they can only hand over the report to a senior GM if available. Otherwise, they will just add the suspicious bot into the bot watch list, which they will check regularly afterward. So I assume that your previous banned bots are probably on their bot watch list, and a 5-days sleep does not help the bot out of the list. I suggest that you should level the 45+lvl bot a little bit manually...I also got my 41 rogue banned in Felas recently...just like what you said, everything is fine until lvl 40...
  10. tbh, the bot help me a lot (My friend introduce this bot to me and I started using it since last month). So far, I have leveled like 10 accounts to around lvl 30+ (rotation, 4 account at the same time, max 6-8 hours per day) in a vanilla server, unfortunately, 4 of them got banned (mostly it`s on me, I left the bot unattended for 6 hours sometime...) All in all, Im satisfied! But, there is something I believe should be done: 1. A full version of tutorial for all the functions in Wrobot... Yes, I know, there are many useful information in forums...but it`s quite scattered and not really new-comer friendly... for example, "what does -dont start fight- mean?" there are too many settings for new comer. I have admitted that I spent probably longer hours on understanding the setting than on really botting when I started using WRobot. another example, what does prospecting(product) for? I don't know it even now, LOL 2. Same concern about the available profile and fight class. I understand some profile and fight-class are quite complicated and deserves reward. However, the free/available profiles are very broken...compared to the paid ones. I got my several "test" accounts banned like within 24 hours with the free grinding/quester profile on a popular vanilla server, while using a paid profile, so far only few account got banned. As for the fight class, for the XML file, it`s easy to understand them after watching Eeny`s video, however, to create a more "human-like" fight class needs C# knowledges, but I don't think we can find a full systematic introduction of that on forum. For example, ppl asked about "how to de-activate the auto-attack when stealth" since 2013, well, same questions are raised again even this year...(I finally understand this...but it takes time to go through all the scattered pages and also outside the forum) So far, the bot is fine, after investing some time to learn it. Yes, I was also frustrated at the beginning, but it is getting better as you learn more (if the forum can provide those information).
  11. Droidz, I also have this issue... where I should replace this? I am using the fight class creator and Even I transfer my fight class into C#, I still cannot find "InteractGameObject".
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi fellows, Im new here, and is currently botting my rogue on a vanilla server. But I found there is no FREE rogue FC, with stealth/cheapshot working. The tricky part is: after entering stealth, bot will auto attack the targeted mob and will break stealth, which will make cheap shot unavailable. So my idea is to "add one more command - AttackTarget() before cheap shot", so that the auto attack will be paused (cheapshot can be launched) Please remember check "Can attack units already in combat" in advance setting", otherwise the mob will run around like a fly. seems also need UNCHECK "try to detect evade mobs..." in advance setting (but not very sure about this). This simple FC should work like this: 1. stealth 2. cheap shot 3. SS 4. Eviscerate 5. loot or eat then loot. 6. Back to Stealth, etc... This is a XML file, so feel free to add your spells through FC creator. I have no background in coding, so if you have questions, we can discuss below. I have tested it and it works (only if the bot are not detected by the mob, so better use this FC on the low level mobs or with mod talent.) I wish there are more free good FC here! Cheers!
    Nice profile so far, leveling my mage and just hit 26 lvl. This profile features the quite area, avoid most of the quest area...so its relatively safer! Again, thank you, really save me a lot of time. Update: lvl 41 rogue got banned at Felas. I guess it`s on me, I just left bot unattended the whole night (0-6am, server time, 6hours). so one suggestion for 41+ lvl (from Felas), better to be more cautious, there are some dedicated bot hunter running around. Below lvl 41, it`s related safe (my other low level bots are all safe so far)
  13. I know fishing bot is a very good way to make gold. But, be careful now, they are really cracking that down. I guess their main measures are: 1. monitor the status of all the low-lvl players at Felas/tanaris/Azara, since they are all the farming locations of stone scale eel. (like players of lvl 20-30) 2. monitor the mail/trade made by the low level fishing botters in above areas, and they will probably ban the beneficials brutally, along the whole chain. 3. The GMs seems work really passionate during weekend about watching ppl and banning as well. My suggestion for now about fishing bot. aside from the regular cautions, you need: 1. reduce the hours of your fishing bot, like 2-3 hours per day per account maximal and don't fishing bot during weekend, try rotate all your characters/accounts. 2. try to raise those fishing bots lvl to around 40 if you want to bot fishing safely at FELAS or tanaris, otherwise its still quite suspicious. 3. each bot on different IP, trust me, they now just ban all the players at the same IP without hesitate. 4. Every time, when you trade the fish to your main characters, make it small volume with something trade back (make it looks like real trade, I suggest using something without stock value) 5. you need babysitting your fishing bot a little bit. I heard GM just teleport ppl several yard away to test quite frequently. and several of my friends were banned since they did not react "surprisingly" quick enough, btw, they are unbanned now (they were not using fishing bot at all, just too surprised to react anything) Thats all, my 2 cents
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