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    ch267310 reacted to MausFarm in How to use a proxy correctly   
    I apologize for the bad English I use Google translation 
    Many asked the question how to properly bind the proxy to the WoW client and I decided to write a small guide to answer all at once. Immediately make a reservation that I do not know whether this will also work for official servers, because long ago not botting them. But this will definitely work for earlier versions.
    To bind a proxy server to a specific application, you need a special soft. There are several options, but I prefer the Proxyfier, because some others, if they can not connect to any particular hosts, will simply run them through your static ip address.
    So we need the following tools:
    First of all, you need to create several copies of the warcraft.

    You can simply copy the client several times to separate folders. But who uses only SSD and wants to save space on the hard drive will use the LinkShellExtension to create symbolic links to the massive client data. So, we install all the necessary software and start
    We copy all the folders and files (without "data") of the wow client to our newly created folder for the bot
    Right-click on the "Data" and choose Pick Link Source from the drop-down menu. Then go to the new folder, click on the empty space and choose Symbolic Link

    The result should look like this

    Measuring the amount of memory used, we get only about 30 MB and it's absolutely working client

    You might have noticed that in the client folder for the bot, the client launch file is called WoW1
    You must do the same for each directory with the bot. That is, if you have 5 clients proxy, you must name the startup files accordingly: WoW1.exe, WoW2.exe, WoW3.exe, WoW4.exe, WoW5.exe and so on. Otherwise, no matter how many directories you create, each of them will work on the same proxy as the process will be called the same.
    Now you can add your proxy to the Proxyfier. I will not separately describe how to do this since it should be clear. Then go to the proxification rule and make a binding as shown in the screenshot

    In the application field, specify the path to the warcraft client in which the specific bot will work. Also this proxy is attached to the browser. I highly recommend registering the account through the proxy on which it will work in the future. But do not forget to untie the browser after registration so that there are no more intersections. In the action field, you must select the desired IP address.
    And this is the result

    In conclsion, even if the clients are proxy correctly, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the proxy. It is most important
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    ch267310 reacted to Marsbar in How does lights hope handle bans?   
    My 2 cents from botting on LH/old elysium -
    It gets a bit more dicey after 40. I've been running bots to around 40 and handing them out to my mates and we can then level up the last bit manually. It gets you used to the class and you can farm out professions if wanted. Not to mention getting to 40 is actually quite quick. It all depends on what you want to get out of it. I've had around 5 accounts banned all between 35-45 and not really gotten further than that (i only ever really bot 1 account and not often) but have gotten another 5 accounts to 40 and are all being used manually now.
    In regards to plugins - there's a plethora of free plugins that will be enough for what you need. From the things you mentioned denying party invites exits "Auto Decline" (make sure to edit the cs file like it says in the description, i originally set the timer too high), buffing players would be part of the fight class rather than a plugin as you would need to record all the possible buffs in the plugin which wouldn't be great and jumping periodically i thought was part of the product already! On certain classes (most to be honest) one of the most important plugins is for it to buy food/water. The Human master plugin has that and a lot of other things but the author of that also has a free version of food/drink buying.
    As @terpfiend mentioned the fightclass is where it's at. I have to say that's also the most fun to build yourself (if you have some c# knowledge). Have a look at @Matenia's vanilla framework, there is an example fightclass there which you can edit. He's created some great methods in there which handle some of vanillas problems.
    Alert plugins help a lot too if you're not always monitoring the bot yourself, I created wDiscordAlert which you can have a look at, I'm happy to add any suggestions you may have!
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    ch267310 reacted to Zan in Warmane GM Whisper   
    Where do I start? Do I start with you're not subscribed to WRobot and probably using a hacked version or selling an account that may be flagged as a botter to an unknowing person who may lose an account they paid for?
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    ch267310 reacted to ScripterQQ in Utterly frustrated   
    I was kinda whiny time ago, specially for the lack of documentation about what does "this thing" do and what does "the other", I myself spent more time testing features and trying to understand the behaviour, than botting overall. But think about that, right now it's kinda easy to create profiles and stuff once you learned what to press, but imagine having a product 100% "noob-friendly", it would not last long, this robot was (and still is) one of the strongest talking about server detection,
    About making a human like fight class, for sure you can implement C# but imho you will never obtain a perfect rotation, my suggestion is yes, implement as many features as you can to protect your bot and not look like a machine after 2 seconds of watching you, but always keep an eye on the bot, never leave it alone.
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    ch267310 reacted to Nicki Anonymous in [Fightclass]Druid issues   
    Try this.  I use this for prowl leveling, works perfectly.
    Druid - Feral Cat - Levelling Prowl No Rip.xml
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