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    eeny reacted to Matenia in game incorrect   
    You downloaded wRobot for 7.3.5  Legion and you're wondering why it doesn't work on 3.3.5 wotlk?
    Do a fresh install and download the one for 3.3.5
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    eeny reacted to alphabeta123 in [Warrior] Can't get my custom fight class to use Overpower   
    That worked...
    I swear I had that set to true originally, and it wasn't working. 
    Anyway, thanks!
    edit- also, in the same script it seems Death Wish is never being activated. I changed it to true in the settings.
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    eeny got a reaction from sayly in auto accept blood of sargeras   
    Have you tried using this addon from droidz?  You may need to modify the timing / button selection but it should work
    Auto Accept.cs
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    eeny reacted to Matenia in I dont have 32bit version...?   
    So you've downloaded wRobot for retail (it clearly says for wow 7.3.5) but you are trying to use it on vanilla (1.12.1)?
    There's your problem, the game versions don't match.
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    eeny reacted to payyn518 in hanyoo69 is asking for 1-45 profile via email   
    I would have just refunded his money so we don't have to deal with his dumb ass remarks and salty attitude . 
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    eeny got a reaction from BBQChicken in Fight Class Tutorial Video   
    Ok, this is a MASSIVE subject that cant be done justice in an 8 minute youtube video... but this should get some people started.
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    eeny got a reaction from kilimich in Relogger Tutorial Video   
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    eeny got a reaction from Batman in Disable / Turn off Random Jump   
    If you look in the bot settings FILE.. should be located  \Wrobot\Settings\General-BotName.ServerName.xml , open it with a notepad.
    If see the jump is still there- maybe Manually change it?
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    eeny got a reaction from Phaibooty in WoD farm bots   
    This subject hasn't been directly addressed in a while.  While it is obvious with todays market that Legion herb / skin / mine bots are what will make you the most Gold Per Hour. There inst much to be said on this forum about WoD bots (non legion bots).
    The following was based on my server economy and token prices- yours may vary.
    $15 USD ( or less if your lucky) isn't much to get started with WoW botting.  Once you start a bot on an account- you essentially say " bye bye " to it... so 15 USD inst bad for a little experiment.  Since the 7.1 banwave rolled in- this is the WoW game I have been playing.
    getting started:
    This is rough- you want to level as fast as possible. Once you buy the game you have 30 days to scrape together enough gold for the 30 day WoW token.... unless you want to pay $$ for another 30 day sub.  I Honestly struggled here.  I started levelling two bots per account with relogger swapping between them and at ~ lvl 65 trimmed it down to 1 bot per acc with sped things up nicely.  Still, this was just after the 7.1 banwave so i was taking it slow.  It took ~9 out of the 30 days of staggered play to get to lvl 80 (using my horde levelling profile).
    Gold farming LVL 80-85
    Once you hit lvl 80 you start making some OK gold. You should have ~5K from pre CATA levelling.  In CATA I set the bot to sell EVERTHING with the exception of:
    Embersilk Cloth
    Volatile Earth
    Really... nothing else sold on my Mid Pop Oceanic server AH.  Still the 'man hours' of posting auctions at any level is substantial. I made a few K from lvling, however no-where near the rate that was going to buy me a WoW token at the end of the month.
    Gold farming LVL 85-90
    Pandaria: there is a LOT of gold to be made here... just at lvl 85 you cant make it yet.  I went the Mining / Herb route and found only Mining was worth a damn.  Even then it was VERY easy to saturate the AH market with botted ores. is your friend here.  Its 'hard'/tedious to farm so people buy it from the AH and its hovering around 10 gold per mote (100G for a spirit).  motes were easy money- and the mobs drop decent vendor trash too which gives a bump to the GPH.
    I hit 90 (bought pandaria flying) and ran Seu's ore gatherer for a night ~6-8 hrs.  Its a seriously good profile which netted me just over 1000 ghost iron ore which I cycled through the AH over a few days.  10K towards the token.
    Gold farming 90-98
    I Took levelling as a priority in this bracket.  I left the bots in grind loops of mobs that drop .  Sells very stably at ~2g per unit on my server ( thanks to the bag market).  Never had much issue shifting units though the AH on my bank toon.  With the fur and drops bots were running at 600G / hour at this point which was nice.
    Gold farming 98-100+
    This is where "Meatgut needs needs bones" comes in.  its just like farming sumptuous fur, except each bone is 0.35G.  Most mobs drop 1-3 bones so it bumps up the GPH nicely.  at this point I was running my BM hunter and Feral druid at 550-650 gold per hour.
    In the first month I just scraped by.  Both accounts got their 30 day WoW token @56K gold a pop with a few K to spare.  the next month is looking good as both acc's have a lvl 100 to farm the gold for the next token.  Still im yet to have a substantial 'return on investment' to my main account.
    Gold farming at lvl 100.
    Balance is key here.  unfortunately: balance requires a LOT of human intervention with the bot...  Im currently cycling 4 profiles on each bot on my 2 accounts.  On a good day i may pull in ~ 10K per account while botting 6-8 hours.  On a normal day its in the realm of 5-6K.
    I'm lvling up other bots so i can have each bot tied to a specific profile, which will stop me manually swapping profiles. however to do that i will need 3 lvl 100's per account so at this time i just swap the profile out each night.
    The 4 profiles im Currently using are
    - Isle of giants by XCow.  Easy to farm a few thousand bones and throw them n the AH.  they dont sell quick, but people will often buy them in the 1000's when they do.
    - Stonecore goldfarmer by Eeny.  just RAW stable gold.  Even without AH'ing the Embersilk or Volatile fire its 700-800G an hour from boss / vendor trash.
    - Meatgut needs Bones- by Droidz.  Once agin easy stable money and very solid AFK-able profile 550-650g/ hour.  More once you factor in putting Sumptuous fur through the AH. 
    - Seu's Ore Gatherer- by Suemas.  Solid profile buy cant run 100% of the time due to AH saturation.  I run it once every few days after my Auctions sell.  Amazing GPH, just not sustainable.
    this was a bit of fun, however If you do this you will be waiting 30 days + before you see any real return of gold to your man account.  If you are looking to make gold to sell to gold buyers- stick to lgion farming.  if you want a low cost / low return gold stream for your main account.  WoD bots are a bit of fun and cheap if you get a ban.
    If anyone has any additions / tips / tricks let me know and ill add them.
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    eeny got a reaction from BBQChicken in Fight Class Tutorial Video   
    Ok, this is a MASSIVE subject that cant be done justice in an 8 minute youtube video... but this should get some people started.
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    eeny got a reaction from Steffen in Gather profile creation - 5 mins   
    get asked this a bit- 
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    eeny reacted to pure44 in Fixing a specific Vendor   
    Hey Guys, 
    i´m a novice at botting and just create some basic grinder to lvl up my chars to 60 and get some gold.
    My problem is  that in alsmost every grinder i create the bot doesn´t care which vendor or repair  i set under the  "Npc" column.
    He just skips them and walks from EPL to Tarrens Mill and dies there... he is an alliance character. 
    Ohh and yeah, my bot likes to skip the flightmasters to, but thats not the importent issue right now, 
    look forward to your response and maybe some help.
    Best regards 
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    eeny reacted to Droidz in forum notifications stuck   
    If you can tell me if problem is resolved
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    eeny got a reaction from KnightRyder in Change time to release spirit   
    There is no way to get this put into the main product via default?
    instant release on death is an easy flag for people spotting bots in PvP.  I dont see any downsides on a 2-4 random second delay on release.
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    eeny reacted to Limpfan in My feral bot keeps spamming "Wrath"   
    Thanks Alot!
    Removed wrath and Moonfire and it seems to work, also tweaked it abit so it works even better ^^
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    eeny got a reaction from ScripterQQ in Vampiric Touch cast twice   
    If your using the FC editor, just put a 3 second CD on the spell.
    Sometimes wrobot takes .5 second to refresh debuffs on the target (clients/ server delay).. so if Vampiric Touch has the ability to be chain cast it may be casting it again because it hasnt refreshed the target buffs yet.
    I still use iftargethsbuff- however i put a 2-3 sec CD on the DoT spell to avoid the double cast.
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    eeny got a reaction from BetterSister in ioAhNNCs   
    locked file to stop blizz querying it- tool is there to remove it
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    eeny reacted to Matenia in [Feature request/Help] Smart targeting/pulls   
    Hey @Droidz,
    currently in older expansions like vanilla/tbc/wrath the bot is lacking a few very important features that are probably not too hard for you to implement. 
    I could try fixing all of these through my plugin, but it's hard to do, because a lot of bot behavior is unpredictable I don't know the inner workings of your code, so for a lot I have to do guess work.
    So here are some suggestions that early expansions really need:
    regen takes priority BEFORE "Attack before being attacked", currently especially after rezzing the bot will keep attacking new targets after combat because they are in 20 yards, even if they wouldn't attack you (it's better to rely on IsAttacked state during regen) smart rezz (and small bug fix), try to REALLY find a save spot to rezz, but more importantly recognize when you can't rezz and move a bit closer to the corpse, some servers don't calculate distance 100% the same as the client and won't accept rezz if you aren't a bit closer. I use code to solve this1 smart target/pulls - before pulling check if any units are near by the pulled unit (20 yards + number from general settings), then ALSO check every Vector3 2 yards between you and your target  move around if the above conditions aren't met for any targets (find a line between you and target with no mobs between) (slightly improved AvoidIt plugin) If Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked is set, do NOT try to enter regen mode while you are still being attacked - keep running to the next waypoint or try to drop combat A way to avoid certain zones when doing long-travel (this is enough if we can add it through API) - for example if we are level 25, avoid Burning Steppes zone in all paths, but you can give an alternative "Task" or "Action" (where it would then take the tram, executing your own C# code, for example) ??? (reserved for more things)  
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    eeny reacted to Seminko in How to open "Big-mouth Clam" while fishing?   
    I do use it in a plugin.
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    eeny reacted to Arcangelo in Paid 1-60 questing profiles gone   
    Droidz and I have ended in an agreement.
    I have a lot of work until Monday, so the files will be hidden untill then, and then I push out my updated profiles (encrypted - so they will have to be redownload - this will ensure my profiles ain't shared illegally, but should have no impact on the users, other than I have to set it specific up to all users sepertly).
    So the profile will be up again Sunday evening / Monday morning.
    Thanks for the understandment
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    eeny got a reaction from maukor in Specific vendor in profile   
    This is a continuation of the below thread- however Vanilla isnt legion where a 32 bot can 'manage' against a lvl 40 mob.
    We need the ability to specify what vendors to use in a profile and we need the ability to put a level range on the vendors so the bots dont go walking into chain deaths.
    wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true;
    Isnt cutting it any more...
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    eeny reacted to Dreamful in Imp autocast firebolt problem   
    Their is LUA function for it "TogglePetAutocast",
    /run TogglePetAutocast(index) index = which pet ability as number (4 as example)

    if this dosent work you can try it over the macro api,
    RunMacroText("/petautocaston Firebolt") include one of those things into your Fightclass and run it as LUA Code, not tested it, but should work.

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    eeny got a reaction from BBQChicken in Fight Class Tutorial Video   
    Ok, this is a MASSIVE subject that cant be done justice in an 8 minute youtube video... but this should get some people started.
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    eeny got a reaction from nudl in 1-70 H grind or quest   
    hes a newbie ( doesnt have a sub) so he cant see that.  Majority of users requesting profiles like this use cracked wrobot, so dont feed them.
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    eeny got a reaction from CarloBotto in Grind profile creation- 5 mins   
    I get PM'd about this a lot- Video should make it easier.