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  1. There is a buggy Questgiver on my server. The Bot does not interact with him.
  2. Hello community, can anyone tell me, if it's possible to rightclick on a specific position? ClickOnTerrain.Pulse(new Vector3(1738.88, -1184.93, 59.2689)); --> But instead a rightclick? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I have a word document where I saved a lots of codes from this forum. I think this code was from a free profile in this forum.
  4. Thank you. But does it work for recipes for a profession? I got this codes for the beginning and it works fine. <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="!Skill.Has(SkillLine.Cooking)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(&quot;|cFFFFCE2ETramBot|r Learn Apprentice Cooking&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(-9466.99, -4.53396, 56.9501), 1430, 1, false);" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="BuyTrainerSkill(&quot;Apprentice Cook&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="SpellManager.UpdateSpellBook();" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" /> Do you mean something like this? <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="!Skill.Has("Cooking", "Roast Raptor")" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" /> or <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="!Skill.Has("Roast Raptor")" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" /> Unfortunately both codes are not working.
  5. For example this works fine. <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="!wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.KnowSpell(18260)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(&quot;|cFFFFCE2ETramBot|r Learn Artisan Cook&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(-8610.9, 364.64, 99.62309), 5482, 1, false);" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="BuyTrainerSkill(&quot;Artisan Cook&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="SpellManager.UpdateSpellBook();" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" />
  6. Thank you for your response. I already use SkillLine for the While Conditions. Is there another option to check if the char knows the profession skill? Because if I restart the bot the char goes to the trainer until the while condition is finished. <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="Skill.GetValue(SkillLine.Cooking) &lt; 225" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.DoNotSellList.Add(&quot;Raptor Flesh&quot;);" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(&quot;|cFFFFCE2ETramBot|r Farm Raptor Flesh&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="RaptorFlesh" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(&quot;|cFFFFCE2ETramBot|r Learn Skill Roast Raptor&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="BuyRecipeRoastRaptor" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunMacroLua" NameClass="/use Recipe: Roast Raptor" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(&quot;|cFFFFCE2ETramBot|r Cook Roast Raptor&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="Roast Raptor" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Bot.States.ToTown.ForceToTown = true;" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" />
  7. Hello 🙂 Is it possible to check if the character know a specific profession skill? for example: !wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.KnowSpell(2698) (Recipe Cooked Claw) https://db.rising-gods.de/?item=2698#sold-by-npc It works fine for class spells but not for professions skills. Can someone help me there please?
  8. It works!!! Thank you really much! Now I can finish my afk profiles. This is the example for a paladin on 3.3.5a for holy light rank 2 <QuestsSorted Action="While" NameClass="!wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.KnowSpell(639)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="PathPaladinTrainerGoldshire" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Wait" NameClass="500" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(-9468.14, 108.976, 57.47771), 927, 1, false);" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Wait" NameClass="500" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="BuyTrainerSkill(&quot;Holy Light&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Wait" NameClass="500" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="SpellManager.UpdateSpellBook();" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndWhile" NameClass="" />
  9. Maybe it's better to explain the problem. In the file above the paladin goes to the trainer in northshire and learns the new spell "devotion aura". He uses the spell because I have unchecked "check if know spell" in my fightclass but then he will learn the spell again and again. I have the complete condition: return wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.KnowSpell(465); After I restart the bot he will go to the next task. Please excuse my bad english. 🙂
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