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Hey. Brand new to the bot here. I've been trying to read the forums to get an answer to my question, but I cant seem to find it.

Where do I turn on the Automation? Might be a noobish question, and the answer is probably at the tip of my nose, but I cant find it... 

Thanks! ?

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Automation is a Wrobot 'mode' which can be selected on the main tab.

Unlike quester / grinder / gatherer automation does  not need a profile to work, just run the bot to the location you want, set a radius and it will kill and gather stuff if you specify.  you will still need a fight class.

Automation is helpful if you are playing and need to afk for 5-10.. just turn on automation and the bot will get some kills for you.  I wouldnt use it for a long time, making a profile is better.

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