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  1. Which Fight Class are you using for combat?
  2. I'm trying to get a Priest Fight Class going that can heal party members. I have the bot able to recognize a party member needs to be healed, and it will target the party member and cast Lesser Heal; however, the wRobot product then changes the bot's target to a hostile mob so the Lesser Heal gets cast on itself in the end instead of the party member that needs to be healed. I'm trying to search around the forums, and the unofficial documentation and try some stuff, but I'm not finding the proper way to stop the auto targeting from happening. I think this could be useful in other scenarios too, like getting a Warlock to fear a target when there's multiple enemies, and then ignoring the feared target so it stays away.
  3. This also seems to be a really useful post too. I just walked through the steps on getting my Visual Studio set up using it: Also got myself onto the discord.
  4. Ahh okay. I'll have to try to play around with that then... C# might be easier to work with than the XML making tool. I'm a C++ programmer, but looking through the eeny examples that came with the bot, the C# syntax isn't too hard to grasp. And I've been able to use these with slight modifications to, for example, make a Priest that heals/buffs party members and such. Some things just feel really finicky with the editor, but that's probably just my being new with it. 🙂
  5. Thank you, this sort of solved my problem. I had tried it before, but only to 8. Now if I set it to 28, the Hunter will stop at a decent distance... but if won't shot. Just stands there waiting for the mob. If I try using Auto Shoot as a spell, it *keeps* casting it, interrupting the attack, so a shot never gets off. I'm assuming I need to check if it's being used already, but I'm not sure what Auto Shoot is considered as (I'm guessing it isn't a buff?).
  6. New user here, was playing around with the Fight Class editor that is built in, and I cannot find a way to make a Hunter stay at range and use their gun or bow. Is that only possible via a C# fight class? I tried making Auto Shoot a defined spell, and explicitly setting the move while casting to false, but I still get the same result of the Hunter running up to the enemies and never once firing their ranged weapon.,
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