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  1. Still cannot get wand to work tried the profile attached always get spell compliation error when starting the bot, can anyone attach a working wand profile for TBC?
  2. ryno239

    Feral druid 1-70

    Any idea how to get Faerie Fire (feral) working in a druid build? just always ignores it for me I tried Faerie Fire and Faerie Fire (feral)
  3. Hi I am using the bot on TBC/Vanilla servers and I have noticed on the server I am playing now (that has increased respawn rate) the bot is not detecting the respawns. I clear all the mobs on the path it tracks back and ignores them when they respawn after a few minutes it starts detecting them again but until then it just runs through them like they are not there. I would like to know is this a server side problem or my bot settings, I have had this issue on this p server with multiple profiles. ps - Is there any reason why I can't use vanilla profiles on Wotlk for example if I just customize it to add the new abilities from tbc/wotlk
  4. ryno239

    Bot wondering too far from profile

    Ok will try now, I saw that setting but thought it was related to nodes/chests etc
  5. Hi there so I am just getting used to the bot, but one thing I cannot seem to solve is that my profiles are working as I want them following the path I have set up and are killing mobs in that area, with the setting to reverse the paths once getting to the end of the grind. However always my bot goes off the path I have given it and goes off on its own killing spree. For example I made a profile north of darkshore killing crabs as a test, but the bot decided it much prefered killing the crabs to the south and in the water around darkshore which I never gave it way points to do so. Is there a setting somewhere to limit how far it will go from the path I give the bot. Thanks
  6. Hi I am using the pserver TBC version. My issue is when a node pings on the minimap and the bot detects it, the bot will then dismount, remount then back track 5-10yards before running to the node dismounting and mining. Although the mining aspect works perfectly it just looks very unhuman like.